Hawkeye is the most hacked series around

The advent of VOD is a blessing for hackers who can quickly and easily hijack newly released movies and series. At the moment, the most pirated content in the world is Venom Let There Be Carnage and the Marvel Hawkeye series.

Hawkeye and Venom 2 are the most pirated content

In November, the big blockbusters were hacked in abundance. Among the films that have been hijacked the most, we find Dying Can Wait, the latest James Bond, as well as Shang-Chi, Dune and Free Guy. As for the series, La Roue du temps took first place on the podium, closely followed by Foundation and Arcane. But what about the past week?

According to the company MUSO, which specializes in global piracy, Hawkeye has been the most hacked series in recent days. In the latter, Jeremy Renner resumes his role of elite archer and is about to pass the torch to the young Kate Bishop, camped by Hailee Steinfeld. The first two episodes ofHawkeye have been showing on Disney + since November 24, making it easy for hackers to retrieve them.

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After Hawkeye, the pirates also rushed on Venom 2 after its arrival on VOD

Other series heavily pirated last week include Dexter: New Blood. Note that the continuation of the adventures of the serial killer will be broadcast next month on Canal + in our regions. Also included in the rankings are season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, Arcane and the document on the Beatles signed by Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Get Back.

When it comes to the most devious films, it’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage that finds itself in first position. Despite harsh criticism, the feature film worn by Tom Hardy and his symbiote aroused great interest on the Web. After 45 days of operation in cinemas, it was finally able to land in SVOD and Premium VOD recently. Hence the fact that several clean copies of the film were recovered by pirates.

James Bond, Shang-Chi, Red Notice and Dune follow Venom in the ranking established by MUSO.

Source: Deadline

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