HBO unveils a first teaser announcing an ultra faithful adaptation to the game

That’s it, here we are finally in front of the first excerpts from the highly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us by HBO. Obviously, adaptation is the right word, as the images revealed are so faithful to what we see in the game. winter for both characters.

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If HBO is not left out of big series at the moment with the broadcast of House of the Dragon which has just started, it is towards the adaptation on small screen of The Last of Us that all eyes are turned. A mythical game, a mysterious production and a release date that is long overdue, all the ingredients are there to raise fan expectations to a maximum level. HBO is well aware of this and has decided to drop a few crumbs to help us wait.

The channel has even reserved a special place for its series in a trailer that reveals all the new features to come on HBO Max. After more than two minutes of extracts, The Last of US shows up at the last moment, a sign that HBO is betting a lot on the series. Obviously, the selected excerpts have therefore been carefully chosen, because everything suggests that the channel has opted for the most faithful adaptation possible.

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HBO gives The Last of Us fans a kick

Warning, the rest of this article is riddled with spoilers regarding the first The Last of Us game. Thus, the teaser begins with an image of Joel and Ellie on horseback, crossing a bridge buried in snow. This scene of course echoes the arrival of the two characters at the hydroelectric plant. We also get a glimpse of the harrowing intro scene, when Joel tries—unfortunately unsuccessfully—to save his daughter from the hands of the infected.

The rest of the footage focuses on the relationship between Joel and Ellie, with two iconic scenes: the moment Joel agrees to give Ellie a gun, and when he says one of the game’s most famous lines about his grief. . Finally, we also got to see the life-like ravages of the infection, as well as Nick Offerman (the brilliant Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation) as Bill. Can’t wait? See you in early 2023 to finally discover the series.

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