he bares himself and shows his solidity

Just announced, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has already been fully disassembled on video and put through its paces in a stress test.

Event of the week, the announcement of the Galaxy S22 marks a new turning point for Samsung. The manufacturer assures that its range is more robust thanks to the Gorilla Glass Victus used on the front and back. PBKreviews specialists wanted to verify Samsung’s claims by posting several videos on their YouTube channels. Spotted by GSMArena, they allow you to discover the bowels of the Galaxy S22 and check its solidity.

In a first video, the smallest Galaxy S22 is submerged for a minute in water. Certified IP-68, the Samsung device has no trouble withstanding the test and easily regains its senses. Still painful to watch, the scratch resistance test confirms the strength of the device’s glass. Markings are visible at level eight on the hardness scale, which is in line with expectations for a model protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ coating.

The Galaxy S22 is robust and proves it in video

The Galaxy S22 also benefits from the fact that its frame, buttons, photo block and SIM drawer are made of aluminum. This adds solidity to this smartphone which also passes the bend test without difficulty. For PBKreviews, there is nothing to complain about the Galaxy S22 which scores 10 out of 10 in this stress test.

In a second video, the new flagaship has been completely dismantled. This type of video allows you to discover the bowels of the Galaxy S22 and the choices made by the South Korean manufacturer. The glass back is connected to the metal frame of the photo block and it is maintained by an adhesive. To access the wireless charging coil and the NFC antenna, nineteen screws must be removed.

The interior of the smartphone allows you to discover the motherboard of the Galaxy S22 and elements such as the chipset, the RAM or the triple photo sensor. To replace the screen, you have to empty the smartphone of most of its components and heat the front. It will also be difficult to replace the 3,700 mAh battery, as the latter does not have extraction tabs. The Galaxy S22 scores a repairability rating of 7.5 out of 10 in this test.

As a reminder, Samsung announces that the 3 models of the Galaxy S22 series have a repairability index of 8.2. On our side, we were also able to take control of the latest smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer:

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