He reinvents the wheel with two halves of wheels

Sergii Gordieiev is not such a wacky inventor as he seems. For his bicycle, the inventor quite simply wanted to reinvent the wheel… by cutting it in two. And it works!

Do two wheel halves have the same properties as a complete wheel? This is the challenge set by Sergii Gordieiev, engineer, inventor and also host of the YouTube channel The Q who wanted to check the simple mathematical formula “0.5 + 0.5 = 1” with his bike.

Are two half wheels better than a full wheel?

His idea: to cut the rear wheel of a bicycle into two perfectly symmetrical halves. It was the easiest operation to perform, then we had to adapt the bike to this new situation. With the help of metal tubes, he enlarged the frame of the two-wheeler (or one wheel plus two half-wheels?).

All that remained was to fit the wheel halves so that the bike was always perfectly balanced. The coordination of the bike should not suffer from this strange rear hitch. The result is that it works perfectly as he shows in this video:

As if it were a normal bike, this model unlike any other does not fear obstacles. Despite the two half-wheels at the rear, the bike seems perfectly stable. Only the chain at the rear, which drives the wheel halves, can give some scares if ever an obstacle were to slip into it.

The video was a hit, it indeed flirts with 70 million views! Which is a great reward for Sergii Gordieiev and his team, based in Ukraine. It’s not the only video that’s worth a look. We can recommend these electric rollerblades whose motor is none other than a drill, or even these tubeless tires.

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