Hearthstone unveils its Mercenaries mode, with Cauet in voiceover

Cauet has taken the luxury of dubbing a French advertisement for the new Mercenaries game mode from Heartstone.

A few days ago, Blizzard unveiled the Mercenaries game mode for its mobile and PC game Hearthstone. For the occasion, the brand offered itself an explosive advertising campaign for its launch, showcasing the brains of players and their strategic skills. Find out below.

Mercenaries is a game mode in which you have to compose your team of fighters and improve them in order to defeat your opponents, and to hunt for bounties. It is a game mode that is based on strategy and the evolution of your characters. In this new ad, we can notably see Garry Kasparov, famous Russian chess player, and actress Rosario Dawson, recurring in Marvel productions.

In addition, you will probably have recognized a rather famous voice in France, that of Sébastien Cauet. It is indeed the radio host who was chosen to double the French advertising of the Mercenaries mode. If this collaboration is somewhat unexpected, it has above all raised a few questions, to which Cauet was kind enough to answer and which we have integrated into the presentation of the game mode.

Mercenaries, a game mode for the frantic pace of life

Mercenaries, it’s a bit of the fast face ofHearthstone. It is therefore a mode made for people with little time in front of them, or on the move. For Cauet, this is an essential point since he juggles between his already busy professional life and his family life. Let’s not forget that he wears several hats – at the same time radio, TV host, comedian, DJ, producer or even actor on occasion.

“The advantage with Mercenaries is that it’s super fast and intuitive. “- Cauet

Concretely, players have the choice between several mercenaries with very different capacities and styles of play. The game has more than 50 in total. You can then form a team of 6 mercenaries, 3 of whom can fight at a time. For Cauet, his go-to choice remains Grommash Hellscream – a gruff character but willing to do anything to protect his team.

“He takes the blows for his team. It defines me pretty well I think! “- Cauet

In addition, team cohesion is very important in the game. It is the differences of your fighters that allow you to achieve ideal harmony. If this does not particularly displace Cauet, who works as a team on a daily basis, it will be more the case for more individualistic players, used to single-player games. Take a look at the gameplay of Mercenaries in the video below.

Cauet takes his first step in the world of gaming

The presentation of this new game mode is an opportunity for the host to make a discreet entry into the world of gaming. If the opportunities were not presented to him, he seized the opportunity to double this advertising with joy. In addition, Cauet explains to us that in addition to his personal interest in Hearthstone, he knows the world of World of warcraft thanks to his son, who is a huge fan.

He is not a great player himself, however. Due to lack of time, he is restricted to mobile games and RPGs, but also to FPS which particularly attract him. He also confesses: “But I’m not against a good platform game or puzzles! I recently redownloaded Tetris and it brought back fond memories! “

In addition, Cauet having already dubbed some fictional characters, notably Garfield in the eponymous animated films, and Dewey Finn (Jack Black) in Rock academy, we wondered if it would please her to lend her voice to a video game character. The host seemed very excited and confirmed that this would be a big dream for him:

“It’s huge to tell you that you are going, somewhere, to find yourself everywhere in France with people and participate in long hours of games”.

Final question for Sébastien Cauet: the three elements that according to him characterize a good game are fun, innovation and a captivating universe. If other projects related to the video game industry are not expected for the moment, Cauet is not closing the door, and on the contrary, leaves it wide open for other projects.

” I am only waiting for that ! “- Cauet

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