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Able to wash and vacuum dust with a single gesture, is the Tineco Floor One S3 the ultimate household instrument?

Capable ofvacuum while washing the floor, the new Floor One S3 from Tineco is already hoping to establish itself in the very competitive market for stick vacuum cleaners. But in wanting to be versatile, isn’t the device likely to get its wheels caught in the carpet? Response after three weeks of testing.

Getting started, everything in the simplicity

Without revolutionizing the design of stick vacuum cleaners, the Tineco Floor One S3 sports a original look, efficient and relatively sober. With its pretty finishes and large color screen, the product is already shaping up to be very engaging. In addition to the simplicity of its design, we will also note the few accessories supplied with the Floor One S3. While most Chinese manufacturers tend to multiply brushes and gadgets to gain versatility, the Tineco broom mop is content with the minimum: two identical soft brushes for cleaning floors, a cleaning brush, a HEPA filter from spare, and a charging dock to store the vacuum cleaner and its accessories. A small bottle of detergent completes the whole thing, making the device usable right out of the box.

If he plays the card of the simplicity in its accessories, the Tineco Floor One S3 also shines with its ease of use. No buttons or unnecessary connections, the vacuum cleaner is recharged from its dock. On the handle, the start and mode management buttons fall perfectly under the thumb. Finally, a third button activates the automatic cleaning of the brush, which we will come back to later. In plain sight, there is also a large circular LED color display, able to display battery level, water flow and tank water level. On the body of the device, two reservoirs for clean water and dirty water complete the whole.

The application: well thought out but dispensable

Like all vacuum cleaners of the moment, the Tineco Floor One S3 gives way to the call of everything connected. The device connects via Wi-Fi to the brand’s mobile application, which allows it to ensure software updates, but also to monitor cleaning sessions. In absolute terms, the smartphone application is very quickly dispensable. Unless you have a passion for household statistics, you won’t have to use it often. It happens to be nevertheless well thought out and rather intuitive. Fans of the brand will no doubt appreciate the possibility of centralizing all their devices on the same interface.

Very practical, but not exhaustive

No need to prolong the suspense: the Tineco Floor One S3 has largely convinced us. By combining a stick vacuum cleaner and a mop, the device is a real success, both in terms of efficiency and versatility. Whether it’s dry debris or spilled yogurt, no dirt (or almost) resists its rotating brush. In addition, the fact of vacuuming and washing at the same time allows a real time savings on a daily basis. Quick to draw, easy to maneuver, the Tineco Floor One S3 quickly established itself as a household essential, capable of tackling the most encrusted tasks.

Be careful, however. Although it brilliantly combines cleaning and vacuuming, the newborn from Tineco will not replace a vacuum cleaner “Classic”. First, because its suction power – even if it turned out to be surprisingly good – does not equal that of a good vacuum cleaner. Then because its lack of accessories makes it effective only on floors.

Once this consideration is passed, the use of the Tineco Floor One S3 is a complete success. On the software part, we will particularly note the iLoop technology, capable of automatically detecting the type of dirt on the ground and adapting its water flow accordingly. Another very practical feature is the automatic shutdown of the vacuum cleaner when it is in stationary mode. Perfect for taking a break between cleaning sessions, without having to press the power button.

A heavyweight of endurance

After three weeks of almost daily use, the Tineco Floor One S3 stands out in particular for its excellent autonomy. With its 4000 mAh battery, the device offers more than half an hour of cleaning at full power, which ranks it well above the rest of the cordless vacuum cleaners of the moment.

Obviously, this record autonomy suffers from a significant counterpart, with a substantial weight of 4.5 kg empty. Where a classic cordless vacuum cleaner can easily be used to vacuum up dirt at heights, you should not hope to be able to carry the Tineco Floor One S3 at arm’s length, otherwise you risk a good tendonitis after a few minutes. However, it must be admitted that despite its substantial weight, the device enjoys a excellent handling on the ground, which makes it quite satisfying to use, both on hard floors and on more delicate surfaces like rugs.

Undoubtedly not to overload its passage at the weighing, the Tineco Floor One S3 only has one small clear water tank, only 0.5 L. In reality, this is not dramatic, since the latter can be filled with water and detergent in a few seconds. For its part, the dirty water and dust tank has slightly larger dimensions, with 0.6 L on the meter.

The cleaned cleaner

This is obviously the most tedious part. After taking care of cleaning your floors, the Tineco Floor One S3 must be cleaned itself. Common to water and dry dirt, the drip tray can quickly become a nightmare for trichophobes. If it is necessary to empty the latter after each passage (to avoid the smell of stale water which sets in quickly if you forget it), cleaning the tank is fortunately rather quick. Especially since it has the good taste to go in the dishwasher.

In terms of the rotating brush too, Tineco is faultless. In addition to being delivered with 2 identical brushes, which allows to alternate their use between two cleaning sessions, the vacuum cleaner also allows a automatic cleaning program, which ensures that the brush stays clean. A real good point when you know how tedious this type of roller can be to wash. In case of stubborn dirt or hair that has become tangled on the brush, the supplied brush also includes a small, handy retractable blade. In the end, and even if cleaning the Floor One S3 is not a piece of cake, the device is sufficiently well thought out so that the operation is not an ordeal, and that hands hardly ever come in contact with dirt.

Pricing and availability

Usually offered at € 499, the Tineco Floor One S3 benefits from regular discounts on merchant sites, which often allow it to fall below the € 400 mark. Replacement kits including two brushes and two HEPA filters are also available for € 32.99. Bottles of cleaning solutions are also sold separately (€ 24.99 both), although any bottle of your regular detergent will do.

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