Here are 3 short games for those who never have time to play

You almost never have the opportunity to ask yourself to play video games? Here are 3 excellent titles that you can finish in one weekend at the most.

The hardest thing about video games when you become an adult is finding the time to play them. Today, with current trends, action-adventure games are increasingly longer, require a lot of human resources (energy, concentration, thinking) and are therefore more enjoyable, but less accessible. It is also useless to mention fighting games, management games, simulation games or even RPGs of all kinds, which require a colossal amount of time to devote to them.

But if you’re reading these lines, you already know that. This is why today we invite you to discover 3 more or less recent games, extremely short but which are concentrates of pleasure. Their big advantage is that you can easily complete them in an afternoon, or even a whole day depending on your current level. In addition, they have the particularity of being divided into rather distinct chapters which makes it easier for you when you want to interrupt your game and resume it later.

If you are looking for games for beginners, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated files on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.


Released on July 19, stray is a BlueTwelve studio title and edited by Annapurna, which almost always equates to a mighty masterclass (our Stray review here). stray is no exception to the rule and offers you an unmissable feline adventure. Because yes, in this game you play as a cat in a post-apocalyptic society run by robots and artificial intelligences.

As an alley cat, helped by a small robot named B12, your mission will be to find your family outside a completely closed city, and thus learn more about its tragic history. We won’t tell you more about the plot, but know that this is a game that can easily end in 5 to 6 hours end to end.

South of the Circle

South of the Circle is a narrative game like we don’t make anymore. In this poignant title, you play Peter, a young man plagued by doubt as the Cold War completely upsets his life. Unsurprisingly, you will have to make important choices, which will have consequences on your relationships with others, in a magnificent setting that comes to life before your eyes. 3 to 4 hours to end this great story.

Officer A

We end with a game released several years ago, but which you have recently discovered. This is’Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise. Whether stray is more action-oriented than South of The Circle is about storytelling, Officer A is specialized in reflection since it is a puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a formidable secret agent.

After a special operation that turned sour, your mission is to arrest Mrs. Ruby LaRouge, a spy of extraordinary caliber. So you have to infiltrate, investigate and fight your way to your goal. It’s a little game that will awaken your senses and flatter your logical thinking skills. also for 4 to 5 hours.

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