here are the best comics for children and teenagers

For the start of the school year, we forget about television, and we offer our teenagers the best youth comics of the moment.

Who says September also says back to school, and first homework. To help the youngest discover the joys of reading, we have prepared a small selection of comic books for you, perfect for young teenagers, but not only. The opportunity to open up new horizons, and to prove once again that yes, the ninth art can be a formidable vector of (pop) culture.

Dead End (T1)

Script and drawing by Hamish Steele – 212 pages
Published on June 9, 2022 by editions 404 – €11.95

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© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

After the success of the Netflix series of the same name, the comic Dead End is a very nice discovery for the youngest who like to play at being (a little) scared. This first volume faithfully retraces the beginnings of the original series, and features Barney, his best friend Norma and his demon dog Pugsley in a creepy abandoned amusement park.

The tone is wacky, a bit like the excellent Disney series Memories of Gravity Falls. However, it has the particularity of placing greater emphasis on more mature and profound social issues, ranging from friendship to family rejection, passing through transidentity and adolescent love. A very nice discovery to put in all young hands, but not only.

Explore Dead End: Paranormal Park

Doggie Detective

Screenplay by Christian Giove, drawing by Stefano Tartarotti – 207 pages
Published on September 8, 2021 by Ynnis editions – €19.95

For little budding geeks who dream of imitating their parents, Ynnis published last year a very nice comic book of which you are the hero, to read alone from 9 years old, or accompanied from 4-5 years old. The idea is simple but extremely effective. As in the classic interactive stories, the child will have to accompany the little dog Lucy to solve a mysterious case of ghosts. The time of four investigations, it will be necessary to make the right decisions and come to the end of the stories imagined by Christian Giove and Stefano Tartarotti.

With its drawings accessible from an early ageand its dilemmas (almost) worthy of Masters of Darkness by Joe Dever, Doggie Detective is an ideal entry point for introducing children to the world of role-playing games, and more generally of comics.

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The Magic Fish

Script and drawing by Trung Le Nguyen – 248 pages
Published on May 13, 2022 by Ankama editions – €19.90

Poetic and ambitious, The Magic Fish is a dive into the world of Tien, a young Vietnamese in search of identity. Through his mother’s childhood tales, the character will try to understand the world around him, but also face his own questions about love and gender. Beautifully illustrated and very nice to read, The Magic Fish is a visual and narrative slap in the face, the kind of book you don’t put down until you’ve finished it.

With its manga and art nouveau influences, the work of Trung Le Nguyen is a great discovery, especially since it is not only aimed at the youngest. Its theme is powerful, mature, and is perhaps one of our biggest favorites of the year.

Discover The Magic Fish

Teen Titans Go!

Scenario and collective drawing – 152 pages
Published on May 25, 2018 by Urban Comics editions – 10€

The comics were not necessarily better in the 1980s, the proof. Started in 2013, the animated series Teen Titans Go! was entitled to its paper version two years later. Here, no great questions about good and evil, but gags in spades and questionable morals which will make the youngest (and us too) die of laughter. In this ultra colorful Gotham, Cyborg and Changeling are two idiots always ready to graze sandwich indigestion. Robin is megalomaniac, very complexed by his baby hands, and dreams that Batman recognizes him for his true worth. As for Starfire and Raven, the entire universe pits them against each other.

Crazy and completely wacky, the Teen Titans Go! are a faithful adaptation of the spirit of the animated series. A total success, full of easter-eggs and references, which plays with the codes of comics to make fun of them. It’s nonsense, but we want more.

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Batman: The Animated Adaptations

Screenplay by Kelley Puckett, art by Mike Parobeck – 136 pages
Published on February 18, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 10€

If Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s series rocked your childhood, the series Batman: The Animated Adaptations constitutes an ideal heritage for your dear darlings. The opportunity to discover in the film of the pages the greatest gangsters of Gotham, in breathtaking investigations, worthy of those which made us vibrate on the small screen in the 1990s.

With his cartoonish graphics and its colorful characters, Animated adaptations from Batman stand out as one of the most successful references in the Urban Kids collection. Perfect for nostalgics who would like to give their children (from the age of six) an aftertaste of our childhood.

Discover Batman: The Animated Adaptations

Victor & Nora: A Gotham love story

Screenplay by Lauren Myracle, drawing by Isaac Goodhart – 192 pages
Published on May 21, 2021 by Urban Link editions – €14.50

If your children swear by rom-coms à la Bridgerton (also works with The Summer I Became Pretty), in which impossible loves and adolescent questioning intertwine, Victor & Nora: A Gotham love story is made for them. This one shot, published last year under the Urban Link label, has the good points. In addition to his holiday love story with a grenadine flavor, he evokes, not without emotion, the themes of death and reconstruction. Then, it allows you to dive head first into the world of Batman comics.

If no caped superhero punctuates the story, the plot is indeed interested in the meeting between Nora and the young Victor Fries, who will later become the terrible Mr. Freeze. An episode rarely mentioned in the original comics, and which brings an unexpected depth to the motivations of the antagonist played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Joel Schumacher’s film. Overall, teens should enjoy all of the stories posted on Urban Link. But this one, under its airs of Romeo and Juliet Gotham sauce, had the gift of making us melt.

Discover Victor & Nora: A Gotham love story

Donald and the Jupiter Mission

Script and drawing by Luciano Bottaro — 184 pages
Published on June 15, 2022 by Glénat editions — €15

Deliciously retro, this new adventure of Donald and his friends already promises to delight the youngest, and more generally all Disney fans. Following Scrooge and Fortune’s Rocket, imagined by the master Luciano Bottaro is a pleasure for the eyes, and is devoured in one go. When Saturn’s King Rebo sets out to destroy the city, only his Jupiterian enemies seem capable of saving the day, even if it means treating them to Scrooge’s entire fortune as a treat.

The humor is light and the visual gags effective: the whole family should get something out of it. Waiting for the release of the highly anticipated Scrooge and the Glasgow Dragon in November, Glénat once again signs a nice tour de force with its literary adaptation of the Disney universe.

Discover Donald and the Jupiter Mission

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