here are the best sex toys to take on vacation

Going on vacation with a sex toy is possible provided you follow a few basic rules, which will save you an embarrassing moment or a stay behind bars.

Taking a sex toy on vacation is possible, but not always smart. Between the countries where the legislation is less permissive than in France and the risk of seeing the device go off in a suitcase, it is advisable to take some preliminary precautions. Good news, however, the sextech market competes in imagination when it comes to blending into a suitcase.

The best sex toys to take on vacation

  • Silla Cruise by Lelo
  • Banan-ahhh by Félicie too x Passage du Désir
  • Voice of ArcWave
  • Liberty by Womanizer
  • Amorelie Triple Kit

Pay attention to the destination

Even before the technical considerations, it should be ensured that the country of destination is not hostile to sex toys. In France, it is completely legal to travel with a sex toy, but this is far from the case everywhere. In India, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai in particular), Thailand, the Maldives and even in certain American states such as Texas, the simple fact of possessing adult toys is liable to a heavy fine, or even in certain cases to a prison sentence.

So start by finding out about the legislation in force. If sex toys are indeed prohibited, change destination or program.

Cabin suitcase or hold?

By train or car, there is a priori no problem traveling with a sex toy. It is by plane that things get complicated. Unlike suitcases in the hold, cabin baggage is subject to stricter restrictions, particularly on batteries. A ground agent is therefore entitled to request a thorough examination. However, and provided you travel to a country where sex toys are legal, the only risk is to experience an awkward moment at the checkpoint.

Sextech select vacation arcwave voy
ArcWave Voy © Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

However, it is possible to take some precautions beforehand. By avoiding explicit or overly imposing shapes, but also by slipping the objects in question into storage pouches, which will have the double advantage of hiding them and protecting them in the event of an impact. Manual models, such as the Voy masturbator from ArcWave (our full test here) are obviously to be preferred, but other motorized alternatives exist.

Battery or battery?

Provided that they are rechargeable, batteries are now becoming interesting alternatives to Lithium Ion batteries. In addition to being easier to replace in the event of a breakdown, they are also removable. In a suitcase, it is thus possible to place them separately (or to plan to buy them on the spot). Not only will this probably avoid a thorough examination at the airport, but in addition – and this is perhaps the most important – the sex toy will not have the possibility of trigger unexpectedly during the journey.

Sextech select vacation sila cruise lelo
Sila Cruise by Lelo © Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Because that is the whole problem with battery-powered sex toys. Fortunately, some models provide for the coup, and have a safety lock which, let’s face it, can come in particularly handy. This is particularly the case with all models of the Lelo brand, which are blocked when the two intensity control buttons are pressed simultaneously. Then just repeat the operation to unlock them.

Waterproof, the safe bet

For any sex toy, waterproof certification is an almost indispensable condition, if only for hygiene and cleaning reasons. The observation applies particularly on vacation, when the object risks being in contact with unknown environments. Especially since the water resistance also allows use at sea or in a swimming pool.

The best sex toys to take on vacation

The fact remains that on the sextech market, the choice is vast and the promises numerous. For those ready to pay the price, we particularly recommend the excellent Sila Cruise from Lelo. With a name and colors that smell like holidays, the sex toy is as formidable as it is practical: discreet, lockable and waterproofit ticks all the boxes.

For Womanizer fans, the Liberty model is undoubtedly the most suitable. In addition to offering a compact format, it is also equipped with a protective shell that will prevent it from getting dirty and tripping unexpectedly. Classic vibrators are not to be outdone, since the Banan-Ahhh model by Félicie also has the advantage of being small, discreet with its fruit shape, and battery-operated. It should easily slip into a toiletry bag and go unnoticed. To combine business with pleasure, we also recommend the Amorélie Triple Kit, which has the advantage of combine facial cleanser and clitoral stimulator for a single engine. The perfect alibi if anyone asks you.

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