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Did you know that there are hidden categories on netflix ? Well now you know 😉 These codes are particularly useful if you have exhausted almost all the choices offered by Netflix and are looking for new titles to satisfy your cinematic thirst. Thanks to these “secret” codes, you will be able to discover a “new library” of films to watch on Netflix. here are the secret codes for access over 1,000 movie titles that you won’t easily find in Netflix’s navigation menu.

As you know, Netflix offers an extensive catalog of films and series of all genres. So much so that it is even sometimes difficult to find your way around… Very often, users browse “the TOP 10 in France today”, “new releases”, “the biggest hits on Netflix” or even “the current trends”, but it stops there. Still, there are plenty of other “hidden” movies you might like. But you still have to know where to look for them.

For this reason, I decided to share with you netflix hidden category codes. Thus, thanks to these codes, you will save time that you can devote to watch new movies which are not present in the main menu offered by Netflix.

To use these codes, you obviously need a PC, an internet connection and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.). Then you just have to type in the address bar of your browser the following URL the codes “ X » by the code of the category that interests you.

If, for example, you are passionate about romantic comedies and want to find out what Netflix has to offer in this category, type: in the search bar of your web browser and discover all related movies.

Here are the Netflix codes to access the hidden categories

Category Netflix code
action and adventure 1365
Westerns 7700
Spy action and adventure 10702
Action and Adventure Policeman 9584
Youth and family films 783
Animated series 11177
Classic Comedies 31694
Classic dramas 29809
Classic sci-fi and fantasy 47147
Classic Thrillers 46588
Cult movies 7627
romantic comedies 5475
Horror Comedies 89585
Japanese anime series 6721

✅ That’s it, now you know how to access Netflix hidden categories. And if you want even more Netflix codes, head over to this site.

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