here are the essential accessories to have!

If you are or are going to be the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3, we have selected for you a series of accessories that we believe are essential in order to enjoy, but also to protect your new car!

The best-selling car since the beginning of the year, the Tesla Model 3 is unfortunately no longer available in its basic version until 2023! Users of this vehicle are therefore very numerous, which is why we have decided to make a selection of accessories for your Tesla Model 3, and if you have others in mind, do not hesitate to share them. in the comments to this article.

In this selection, you don’t need to disassemble your car to enjoy it, these are quite simply useful accessories for the daily use of your Tesla Model 3, but also accessories to protect it. We have tested a majority of them, so you can go there without too much fear. Most of it can be found on AliExpress (and Amazon), prices are attractive, VAT is included, and delivery time can be up to two weeks on average.

Center console storage

In the center console of the Model 3, there are two fairly large storage spaces, but these are completely unorganized. Know that there is an accessory for each of them in order to be able to properly store your belongings! Our priority goes to the first storage, the one in which we find the USB ports, and which with this small drawer will become much more practical. Available from 16 euros.

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Touch screen protector

The screen of your Tesla is very practical and in general it is not subject to the same hazards as that of a smartphone. However, think again, because as you use it all the time, it deserves to be protected. There are therefore screen protectors that do not affect the responsiveness of the latter, and which therefore allow increased protection. Believe it, it will be better to scratch a protection than the screen itself. Available from 13 euros.

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USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter

The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with USB Type C ports, so if you want to be able to connect your devices to it in USB A 3.0 5Gb/s, opt for this adapter at only 8 euros. As a bonus, it can even be used as an OTG cable for your smartphone!

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Side storage panel in the trunk

If the trunk of the Tesla is done well enough, it is possible to optimize it a little more. Indeed, on the left side of it, there is a small storage which can be even more practical thanks to a small part to be fixed laterally and available for less than 8 euros!

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Protective mat for front and/or rear trunk

Particularly practical, the front trunk also deserves protection allowing it to be easily cleaned. There is the same thing for the rear trunk, it is certainly less pleasant, but depending on what you store in the latter, it can be very useful. Available from 20 euros.

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Trunk sill protector

Again, the trunk is a place that we use a lot, in which we put everything is anything. The Model 3’s trunk sill is plastic and scratches will happen quickly from getting things in and out of it. We therefore advise you to opt for protection that you will not regret for around 25 euros. Several colors available.

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Smartphone holder

Despite its large screen, some users will still prefer to use their smartphone, especially for navigation. Waze not being available at Tesla, and Premium connectivity being billed at €10/month, it is clear that using your smartphone can be an alternative. Many supports are thus available, we have selected this one which goes to the essential for less than 15 euros.

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Rear seat protection

If you have children, and they have a car seat, we advise you to consider protection for the rear seats of your Tesla. Not necessarily super aesthetic, this protection, compatible with the heated seats of the vehicle, will allow you to avoid damaging the leather of the seat on which the car seat is fixed without knowing it. Count 25 euros, but you can find cheaper.

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Anti-kick protective cover

Another protection for the rear and this one is particularly useful again if you have small children. This cover, which is very easy to install on the lower back of the front seat, will allow you to prevent your child from damaging the front seats with their feet. We tested and it works very well, it’s a useful investment for just 20 euros for both!

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Rubber adapter for lifting jack

Do you know that if you lift your car using a jack, it will be necessary to buy these small rubber adapters to avoid damage to the chassis. Tesla could have provided them, but that’s not the case, so if in doubt (if your mechanic doesn’t have one, for example), you might as well buy them for 15 euros for 4!

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trunk hook

It’s the kind of accessory you can do without, but for which you think it can always be used. This hook, which is screwed into the trunk of your Tesla, allows you to hang bags or other weighing up to 20kg, all for 2 euros.

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360° rotatable tablet holder

Ideal for the back, this 360° rotating tablet holder will find its usefulness with children, teenagers wishing to watch their films and series quietly during long journeys. Extremely practical, easy to assemble and use, it will cost you less than 30 euros.

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4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

If you too are one of the people who no longer have a DATA port in the central console, but only charging ports. You must use the USB port of the glove box, if you want to play with a controller for example, but in this case it is impossible to let the sentry mode USB key be plugged into it. The best solution is to buy this small 4-port USB 3.0 hub which will easily slip into the glove box and on which you can connect your devices requiring data transfer. Count 15 euros.

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