here are the “free” games of the month of April

Microsoft unveils the list of 4 games offered as part of the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Alongside the new games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which should soon be revealed, Microsoft is unveiling the 4 games offered to all subscribers to the Xbox Live Gold service for the month of April.

The first is Another Sight, an adventure game in which you play alternately a young blind girl and an alley cat. The two companions, who meet by chance in the city of London, quickly realize how much they need each other. It will be available from April 1 to 30.

The second game offered is Outpost Kaloki X, a completely wacky space simulation game. Your mission is to meet the needs of all customers, and it is not easy when these are so colorful. The game will be available from April 1 to 16, which is only 15 days.

Then, subscribers can test their motocross skills with the title MX vs ATV Live. To win the competition, you will have to face the elements and drive as well in the snow, as on rocky roads or in mud and sand. The key is your control of the vehicle on these different circuits. It will be playable from April 16 to 30.

Finally, the last game offered is Hue. This is a platform game that plays with tone on tone. In this seemingly dangerous world, you will have to play with colored obstacles and colorimetric filters to get out and find your missing mother. The latter title will be available from April 16 to May 15.

How to get these games for free?

For those who do not have the subscription, the titles mentioned above can still be downloaded via the Microsoft Store. Another Sight is thus available at a price of €29.99, Hue at the price of 14.99 €, Outpost Kaloki X at a price of €9.49 and Space MX vs. ATV Live at a price of €29.99.

As a reminder, Xbox Live Gold is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which is displayed at a price of €12.99 per month, or is available independently at a price of €6.99 per month. This subscription allows you to play online multiplayer games and receive a minimum of two free games per month.

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