here are the novelties of the month of November!

here are the novelties of the month of November!

Next month, the American giant’s streaming platform will offer, among other things, a new series on witches, cult film franchises, and a very current made in France thriller, since it takes place during confinement.

New series, Amazon Originals movies, and movie classics: the schedule loads this month on Amazon Prime Video.

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The November 2020 series on Prime Video

  • November 1: Heirs Of The Night – Season 2

Rest assured, this Norwegian horror series, devoted to vampires, is rather mainstream. Its season 1 has been available on Prime, in France, since June 2020.

  • November 6: Duncanville- Season 1

American animated sitcom, Duncanville recounts the misadventures of a not very gifted teenager named Duncan. The French will be able to discover the 11 episodes of season 1 from November 6.

  • November 20: Motherland: Fort Salem – Season 1

Already two seasons strong, this series takes place in an uchronic America in which witches coexist with ordinary people. The story focuses on three of them who enlist in the US military.

  • November 29: Vikings – second part of season 5

Amazon Prime has achieved a master stroke by purchasing the rights to Vikings, the epic series from the Canadian channel History. The second part of the fifth season lands at the end of the month on the streaming service.

Amazon Original Movies of November 2020

  • November 12: Connected

A little homegrown content for a change: Connecteds is a mix of thriller and comedy with, among others, Stéphane De Groodt, Michaël Youn and François-Xavier Demaison. In this film, a group of friends organize a “virtual aperitif” in full confinement, and all does not go as well as expected.

  • November 15: The Burnt Orange Heresy

This is an Anglo-Italian film released in 2019. Adapted from the novel “Heresy” by Charles Willeford, the film tells the story of an art critic who seeks to appropriate the work of a painter .

  • November 25: Friendsgiving

Starring Malin Åkerman and Kat Dennings, this American comedy takes place, you will understand, during the Thanksgiving holiday (November 26 in the United States).

  • November 25: Uncle frank

Alan Ball (Banshee, Six Feet Under…) Is directing this film which features Paul Bettany (Vision in the MCU). Uncle frank tells the story of Frank, a New York literary professor forced to return to his native countryside.

Other movies added in November on Prime Video

Released in 2016, the first installment of Deadpool was a remarkable interlude to all the superhero films that take themselves too seriously. The crazy movie starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role will be available early this month on Prime. Check out our Deadpool review.

  • November 16: the two film franchises Alien and Predator

Double dose of monsters this month on Amazon Prime Video. The whole Alien saga (Alien, Aliens, Alien³, Alien Ressurection, Alien Vs. Predator, Prometheus, Alien: Covenant) as well as all Predator movies (Predator, Predator 2, Predators) will be available on the streaming platform from November 16. If the innumerable consequences of these franchises do not necessarily meet with unanimity, the first Alien and Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger remain essential.

Oliver Stone’s excellent Snowden arrives on November 3, then Mr. Holmes (where Ian McKellen plays an aging Sherlock Holmes) on November 4, followed by comedy What men want (November 5), and the two parts of Independence Day (Independence Day, Independence Day: Resurgence) on November 9. Finally, the Norwegian thriller The Tunnel lands November 13 on Prime Video.

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