Here are the three new connected watches from Apple

Apple has just launched three new Apple Watch, including one, high-end, reserved for experienced athletes.

Apple was scheduled to talk about its new iPhone 14 during this “Far Out” keynote. But before even talking about this phone, Apple took advantage of the conference to give news of the Apple Watch.
Apple’s connected watches are now the best in their field, as Tim Cook reminded us. But that doesn’t stop Apple from improving. The firm has just offered three new models, designed for three very different audiences.

Apple Watch: never two without three

The first Apple Watch that was presented is the Apple Watch Series 8. Unsurprisingly, the watch finds the main strengths of the Series 7 of which it is the direct descendant. Note, however, the arrival of a brand new feature in the menstrual cycle monitoring application. The connected watch from Apple is now able to measure, via a body temperature sensor, the most probable period for ovulation. This should make life easier for millions of women around the world.

Another novelty announced by Apple, “Crash Detection”. The latter makes it possible to automatically detect violent accidents in the car. In the event of a pile-up, the watch automatically contacts the emergency services.

In terms of price, Apple announces its watch, in its wifi version, at €499. The watch will be available in four colors, ranging from yellow to blue through black and a very light gray.

In addition to this long-awaited connected watch, Apple is presenting a brand new Apple Watch SE tonight. This connected watch also has the “Crash Detection” feature and is presented by Apple as the best solution for the youngest. It will be available from September 16 at a price of €299.

Apple Watch Ultra: the sports watch

Last watch presented by Apple this evening, the Apple Watch Ultra. With its much more massive design (49mm), this watch is not for everyone.

The product is successful, complete. Apple has chosen titanium as the material to build the frame of the watch, making it more resistant than the Series 8. This new watch meets very specific uses, especially for top athletes. With a huge battery, the watch can last up to 60 hours without going through the charging box. At least, these are the figures announced by Apple. Many tests should be released in the coming weeks to confirm or refute these data.

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Apple explains in particular that it has worked on the GPS to make it even more precise. With a new “action button” located on the left side of the watch, Apple is making life easier for athletes, especially triathletes who, with a single precision, can change sports.

The watch is also capable of measuring a lot of data during underwater dives. She is thus able to know when to stop at a decompression stop.

Excellence has a price, however, that of the Apple Watch Ultra will be €999 in France for the cellular version (the only one sold). It is possible to pre-order them today, and it will be delivered on September 16 for the first models.

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