here are the worst movies of 2021

The parody ceremony has just made its annual selection public. And an actor is entitled to his own dedicated category.

Less glorious than the Oscars, the Razzie Awards crown each year the worst creations of the seventh art. Imagined in 1981, the ceremony has already pinned dozens of actors and directors, becoming over the years almost as famous as the award ceremonies it parodies. This year, everyone takes it for their rank. Whereas Space Jam: New Era finds himself nominated in the categories Worst Picture, Worst Actor (for LeBron James), Worst On-Screen Couple and Worst Remake, Diana the Musical also benefits from an impressive track record, with no less than nine nominations. Just behind, we also find The Woman at the Window and Karen, both with five nominations.

Bruce Willis lands his own category

Among the names mentioned, one will probably be surprised not to see the film appear Red Notice, which despite its success on Netflix stands out as one of the platform’s most painful original creations. For his part, the actor Bruce Willis serves as an example: with eight nominations, the organizers of the Razzie felt obliged to create a separate category for the actorwho can take comfort in being assured of leaving with a prize this year.

Expected for the next march 26, the Razzie Awards ceremony should be talked about. In the meantime, we will have to wait until tomorrow to know the nominations – this time very serious – for the Oscars 2022, whose ceremony will be held on March 27.

Nominations for the 2022 Razzie Awards

worst movie

  • Diana the Musical (Netflix)
  • Infinity
  • Karen
  • Space Jam: New Era
  • The woman at the window

Worst Actor

  • Scott Eastwood, in dangerous
  • Roe Hartrampf, in Diana the Musical
  • LeBron James, in Space Jam: New Era
  • Ben Platt, in Dear Evan Hansen
  • Mark Wahlberg, in Infinity

Worst actress

  • Amy Adams, in The woman at the window
  • Jeanna de Waal, in Diana the Musical
  • Megan Fox in The prey
  • Taryn Manning, in Karen
  • Ruby Rose, in Vanquish

Worst Supporting Actor

  • Ben Affleck, in The Last Duel
  • Nick Cannon, in The Misfits
  • Mel Gibson, in dangerous
  • Gareth Keegan, in Diana the Musical
  • Jared Leto, in House of Gucci

Worst Supporting Actress

  • Amy Adams, in Dear Evan Hansen
  • Sophie Cookson, in Infinity
  • Erin Davie, in Diana the Musical
  • Judy Kaye, in Diana the Musical
  • Taryn Manning, in Every Last One of Them

Bruce Willis Worst Performance in a Movie of 2021

  • Bruce Willis in American Headquarters
  • Bruce Willis in Apex
  • Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin
  • Bruce Willis in The Impasse
  • Bruce Willis in Fortress
  • Bruce Willis in The prey
  • Bruce Willis in Race against death
  • Bruce Willis in To survive

Worst On-Screen Couple

  • Any duo, in Diana the Musical
  • LeBron James and any animated character, in Space Jam: New Era
  • Jared Leto and any other character, in House of Gucci
  • Ben Platt and any other character in Dear Evan Hansen
  • Tom and Jerry in tom and jerry the movie

Worst remake

  • Karen (unintentional remake of Cruella deVil)
  • Space Jam: New Era
  • Tom & Jerry the movie
  • Twist
  • The woman at the window

Worst Director

  • Christopher Ashley, for Diana the Musical
  • Stephen Chbosky, for Dear Evan Hansen
  • Coke Daniels, for Karen
  • Renny Harlin, for The Misfits
  • Joe Wright, for The woman at the window

worst case scenario

  • Diana the Musicalscreenplay by Joe DiPietro
  • Karenscreenplay by “Coke” Daniels
  • The Misfitsscreenplay by Kurt Wimmer and Robert Henny
  • Twistscreenplay by John Wrathall and Sally Collett
  • The woman at the windowscreenplay by Tracy Letts

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