Here is a feature of iOS 15.2 that should appeal to many users

On Monday, December 13, Apple released a second update for its iOS 15 released last September. Entitled iOS 15.2, this new version of the operating system of the bitten apple brand finally adds some of the features planned for the iOS 15. These include the simplification of the process to erase or reset a locked iPhone or iPad. Now this can be done without the user needing to connect the device to a PC or Mac.

This is possible thanks to the security lock mode which is triggered after several failed attempts to unlock with the password.

Easier method to unlock your iPhone without the password

Until the recent past, it was very complicated to use an iPhone or iPad whose user lost the lock password. You had to put the device in DFU recovery mode first. Subsequently, it had to be connected to a PC or Mac in order to perform a restore process through iTunes.

A method that was not always easy for a person who does not know a little about it. Now, there is a much simpler solution that allows erasing the device directly from the lock screen. This does not even require the use of a computer.

However, the device in question must be running iOS 15.2 and have an active internet connection. Afterwards, the user must attempt to enter the password several times so that the option “Erase iPhone” appears at the bottom of the screen.

All he will have to do is press it, confirm his gesture before entering his Apple ID password to cancel his account. In doing so, he will be able to reset the device by permanently erasing all his user data.

It should be noted that if the device cannot connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data then the user will have to go through the old method.

The other features of this new update

The new method of deleting personal data is not the only interesting option available with iOS 15.2. The latter now allows its users to benefit from the following features:

  • The application privacy report;
  • Apple Music’s Vocal Plan;
  • Legacy contacts;
  • Or the “Hide My Email” mode in the messaging application.

The Privacy Report allows users to get an idea of ​​the restricted information that different apps have had access to on their device. These include location, contacts, photos, microphone and even the camera. A function that should make it easier to find applications that spy on users.

Apple Music Voice Plan allows devices running iOS 15.2 to support Apple Music’s voice offering. The latter provides access to all Apple Music offers thanks to the voice command integrated into Siri. To benefit from it, you must nevertheless pay $ 4.99 per month.

With regard to the “Inherited contacts” function, this is a measure intended to make it easier for the parents of a deceased person. It allows people designated by the user during his lifetime to access personal data on his device after his death.

Regarding the “Hide My Email” option, it is only associated with the email application. It allows you to generate a random email address when composing an email in the Mail application. To display the option, just press the “From” field.

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