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The French Intego publishes one of the best antiviruses for Mac computers. If you want to effectively protect yours from different threats, we can only recommend it. Especially since it is on sale at -65%.

These days, antivirus software vendors are flooding the cybersecurity market. Among the most popular are McAfee, Avast, Norton, etc. These are generally available for devices running Windows and MacOS. That said, their version for Apple computers are often a minor update to the Windows version. Which makes it less effective.

If you want a specialized Mac antivirus, we advise you to turn to the one published by the French publisher Intego. Unlike the other big names mentioned above, Intego has looked over the years at security vulnerabilities and various threats, but only on those that affect machines running MacOS.

I use Intego antivirus

For 25 years, he has acquired solid experience in this field and has also received numerous awards from cybersecurity experts. Usually, his solution costs 49 euros a year. Which in itself is a very good price. This weekend, you can treat yourself to Intego antivirus for Mac for just 19 euros thanks to an immediate 60% discount. It’s clearly the best choice you can make for your Apple computer.

Why should you use an antivirus?

We will not stop repeating it, using a computer without antivirus protection can be dangerous, especially these days. To give you an original example, it’s like driving without a seat belt. At the slightest accident, the outcome can be fatal. Indeed, in addition to possible identity theft, ramsomware attempts, it is your privacy that may be compromised on the net. Worse still, in some cases, the confidentiality of your bank details.

By taking an antivirus like Intego’s, you put all the chances on your side to avoid these unpleasant situations. Each time you start your Mac, the antivirus performs a full scan of the latter to verify that everything is in order and that no threat is present on the latter.

When it detects that a web page you are trying to open is suspicious and presents a danger, it blocks it and warns you at the same time of the danger involved if you still want to continue. It continuously monitors the security of your machine and allows you to use your computer with peace of mind on a daily basis. All in the background, without disturbing you in your work.

You won’t be distracted by useless pop-ups often stuffed with ads like some other antiviruses. In short, Intego offers the best antivirus on the market for Mac. If you want a super effective cybersecurity solution, you can get it today at the lowest price. If you are not satisfied with it, you have 30 days to request a refund.

Finally, if you also want to protect your Mac, optimize it and keep it up to date, you can turn to the all-in-one solution called Mac Bundle Premium X9 which is also on sale at 29.99 euros per year at instead of 84.99 euros. It includes antivirus, a Mac cleaner, an online data backup tool and a parental control tool.

To discover the complete Intego solution, it’s here:

I take advantage of the complete Intego solution

To buy only the antivirus, it’s here:

I take advantage of the antivirus

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