here is the first trailer for the reboot, 30 years after the end of the TV series

NBC has just released the first trailer for the new “Quantum Code”. If this name probably does not mean anything to the youngest viewers, the others will be delighted with a sequel to this revolutionary series in its time.

Quantum Code

Code Quantum will bring back some great memories for older people. In the original series, which aired in France in 1989, Professor Sam Beckett (real name Scott Bakula) plays a physicist who, during an experiment that goes wrong, involuntarily embarks on a space journey. temporal. He quickly realizes that his job is to literally put himself in other people’s shoes and “correct” historical mistakes. The series ended at the end of the fifth season. without really knowing what happens to either Sam or Al, his holographic partner.

In a new trailer broadcast by NBC on YouTube, we discover that Quantum code release 2022 picks up the story where the producers left off in 1993, at the end of the fifth season. If the distribution is obviously different, with younger actors and different protagonists, the plot remains the same, and the mystery remains intact.

Code Quantum trailer takes us back to the origins of the series

Thirty years after his death, a new team of researchers relaunches the Code Quantum project in order to solve the secrets of time travel and, in the process, find Sam Beckett. The leader of the team, Professor Ben Seong (Raymond Lee) embarks on adventures that will take him through different eras and in the shoes of different characters, without discrimination of race, sex, opinion or beliefs. .

He is supported by Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), who serves in the same role as Al in the original series. Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park) will manage Ziggy, the precious AI without which the adventure would not be possible, and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee). Will this fine team succeed in convincing viewers who watch less and less television in favor of streaming services such as Disney+ or Netflix? To do this, the production and the writers will have to be at least at the height of the cult series in this new version, halfway between the reboot and the sequel.

The Quantum Code broadcast will begin September 19 in the United States, then on Peacock streaming. This service is currently available in some European countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, but not in France. It is not yet known which service or which channel will take over the torch in the country.

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