Here is the most dangerous spider in the world capable of killing you in 15 minutes

A new specimen of an 8-centimeter funnel-web spider has just been discovered in an Australian park. The opportunity to come back to this arachnid, said to be the most dangerous in the world.

In the world of spiders, there are all kinds, all sizes, and even all colors. If these small arachnids are especially frightening to the general public, they can also fascinate, whether by the complexity of their metabolism, or simply by the power of the latter.

Indeed, the largest spiders are not the most dangerous. If the Theraphosa blondi, largest spider in the world with 30 centimeters long enough to make our blood run cold, it is not the one to be most wary of. Indeed, spiders are more dangerous when they are smaller, much like snakes. It is on these specimens that the venom is most potent.

So the most dangerous spider in the world is the Atrax robustus, also called funnel web spider measures only 7 centimeters on average. But do not be mistaken, its size does not mean anything and its venom is the most dangerous for humans. May our readers in France be reassured, this spider is only present in a very specific part of the globe, the land of all dangers: Australia.

An aggressive spider that doesn’t hesitate to attack

Very present especially in New South Wales where it feels very good, the funnel-web spider lives very close to human civilizations, not to say in cities. In Sydney, the problem is known to many residents who live on the outskirts of the city, who know full well to be wary of the latter.

To make matters worse, this spider is described as aggressive and violent. She knows her venom is lethal and she doesn’t hesitate to use it whenever she feels the slightest danger. Unlike many of her sisters, she can decide on her own to attack her target, even if the target does not present an immediate threat.

Venom that kills in 15 minutes

Once she has planted her 2-centimeter fangs, she pours out an extremely violent venom. The latter is specially designed to affect primates, as if evolution wanted us to understand that nature still has adversaries of our size. This venom is capable in 15 minutes of killing an adult man, by pulmonary edema or respiratory shock.

But rest assured, solutions exist, and in particular a very effective antivenom which would save nearly 300 people every year. The latter is developed by letting rabbits get bitten. The latter can naturally fight against the venom which will not kill them, but which will make them develop antibodies. These then serve as the basis for our personal antivenom.

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