Here is the only way or almost to afford the DeLorean Alpha 5

Unfortunately, there is little chance that you can afford the Alpha 5, DeLorean’s new electric car. However, there is an alternative that is just as nice and much more affordable!

This summer, DeLorean unveiled the distant electric cousin of the DMC-12, a famous car that has remained in everyone’s memory thanks to the Back to the Future saga: Marty and the Doc indeed travel through time at the wheel of this model! 37 years later, the brand wanted to make a comeback by presenting a new model, electric of course, the Alpha 5.

A miniature version of Mattel

A vehicle with sporty curves, while the DMC-12 is angular. For the occasion, DeLorean appealed to Italdesign, the design firm that had given a hand for the shapes of the DMC-12. Nevertheless, the Alpha 5 takes up some of the codes of its illustrious elder, like the famous butterfly doors!

© Mattel

If DeLorean wanted to recall the glorious hours of the 80s, the Alpha 5 must also trace its path without necessarily carrying all the heritage of the DMC-12. The bet is successful! Unfortunately for the fans, the vehicle being produced in only 88 units, very few of them will be able to devour the bitumen with it.

We can however thank Mattel, which will market from November 1st a miniature, and red, version of the Alpha 5! This 1:64 scale Hot Wheels reproduction is made of metal, the windshield and windows are tinted. Everything is very successful and this miniature will look great on a collector’s shelf. But that’s not all.

© Mattel

The toymaker also slips a miniature of the DMC-12 into the box, also on a 1:64 scale, all in metal. Both scale models come in classy packaging. The price for the set is $40, but beware volumes are limited.

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