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here is the perfect investigation game while waiting for season 4

Season 4 of Stranger Things is coming in a few days. If you don’t have the strength to wait, here is a perfect investigation game to get to the other side.

Season 4 of Stranger Things coming soon to Netflix. Two years after their last misadventures, Eleven and her gang left Hawkins in search of a quieter life. Expected for May 27, the original series will offer a new round of episodes, with a two-part broadcast and a particularly long finale. Until next Friday, the company Homescape Home offers a perfect investigation game to waitwith an escape home on the theme of the cult series.

Between Stranger Things and Dark

Stranger Things documents investigation game

With its atmosphere straight from the Netflix series Stranger Things, parallel worlds plunges us into a retro escape game, with a backdrop of the 80s and Dungeons and Dragons. Inspiration isn’t hard to find, and while the adventures of Eleven are never explicitly cited, visual and narrative references multiply throughout the game, starting with the name of the missing protagonist Will Meyer, who t is reminiscent of that of Will Byers in the Duffer Brothers series. Some references to Dark are also distilled over the clues, for a coherent and immersive result.

Through puzzles and riddles combining video, reflection and board games, this escape home is the perfect exercise to put back in the mood before the broadcast of Stranger Things. The level of difficulty is high without being insurmountable, and in case of doubt, clues are accessible by scanning a QR Code. Enough to keep you busy for a good hour depending on your ability to solve puzzles.

Price and availability

After a few minutes of trial and error (a tutorial would not have been superfluous to fully understand certain mechanics), this survey signed Homescape Home is accessible from 1 to 10 players. Tested with two, it will have finally made a very good impression on us. Available on the official website, Parallel Worlds are offered at €19.90 in digital format, and at €24.90 in paper format. Other adventures are also available, inspired by the queens game or even of Game Of Thrones.

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