here is the solution to repair your controllers

Joy-Con drift issues are unfortunately numerous on the Nintendo Switch. At the price where the official Joy-Con is (39 euros or 69 euros for both), it is infuriating to have to change it because of this problem. Fortunately, iFixit has a lower cost solution that will only take you a few minutes to fix this!

For only 19.95 euros, the Fix Kit will allow you to repair your Joy-Con drift problem on the Switch in a few minutes. The kit includes a brand new joystick for Joy-Con, a spudger, an iFixit pick, curved tweezers, and a precision screwdriver handle with two 4 mm bits (Phillips #00 and Tri-point Y00). Both joysticks are the same. If you want to replace both, you just need a new replacement joystick (14.95 euros) in two copies, so no need to take two kits.

The Joy-Con is actually quite simple to disassemble. This will require a bit of meticulousness and precision, but this exercise is within everyone’s reach. You won’t need any external tools, iFixit’s kit is complete. After removing the 4 screws on the back of the controller, you just have to open it with the pick (go slowly).

The battery is just glued with double-sided tape, so you can gently remove it, always with the help of the opening pick. Then you again have to deal with 4 small screws. Then, make way for a first small tablecloth (that of the buttons) and a small cable (black/red) that you need to unhook with the help of the pliers provided to remove the battery.

We finally arrive at the end since the joystick is accessible and attached to the controller via another small sheet that must be removed, as well as 2 Phillips screws. You can then carefully remove the joystick and replace it with the new one.

Once you’ve put everything back together. Pay attention to the different elements and especially to reconnect the layers gently. Your controller will be almost operational. You will indeed need to recalibrate your controller and therefore this new joystick directly from your Switch console.

In the end, it took us 27 minutes to do the operation carefully and then put everything back together. The controller works fine after calibrating it. Note that the disassembly of the right and left Joy-Con is slightly different, but the joysticks are similar. iFixit has made a tutorial for each of them (Right Joy-Con / Left Joy-Con).

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