The Witcher saison 2 Geralt

here is the summary of season 1 before attacking season 2

That’s it, season 2 of The Witcher is available on Netflix! But, what happened already in the first season 1? Indeed, the dense universe of the series coupled with its nonlinear timeline has not really made it easier for many to understand the story. We offer you a short guide to all the events and concepts to remember before discovering the new episodes.

The Witcher season 2 Geralt

Fans have been waiting for it for a long time. By unveiling its adaptation of The Witcher in 2019, Netflix had nevertheless made many worried, as the fantasy universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski is rich in characters, political strategies and monsters of all kinds – not to mention the games of CD Projekt now registered in the Pantheon of the genre. However, the first season was a resounding success, helped by a realization in the hair, an impeccable respect for history (despite some liberties) and a Henry Cavill rarely so comfortable.

Today, it’s time to check out Season 2 of The Witcher. The most impatient among you may have already got their hands on a pirated version of the first episode, available since yesterday on the download sites. But it’s a safe bet that, two years after the first season, a good number of spectators simply have forgot the stakes of the series. The more so as the narration is done simultaneously over several eras and that multiple characters populate the Continent. Here is a little recap of everything you need to know to watch these new episodes in good conditions.

What is a witcher?

So let’s start at the beginning. A witcher is a mutant human hired by locals to get rid of a monster. Indeed, in the world of The Witcher, as in any self-respecting fantasy universe, Men more or less share their daily life with elves, dwarves, witches and, therefore, monsters who appeared during an event called the Conjunction of Worlds. None other than a witcher has the knowledge and skills to take on these ferocious beasts.

But this power does not come without sacrifice. Indeed, witers are most often orphans, sometimes even sold by their parents for a few coins, collected by the community. From their earliest childhood, they then undergo a very heavy training, including the famous Trial of herbs, which involves injecting various poisons and ingredients into the child’s body to improve their senses and reflexes. According to legend, only four in ten apprentices survive this final stage.

Who is Geralt de Riv?

Geralt de Riv is, you will understand, one of those witers straight out of the Wolf School. Like his associates, he travels the roads of the Continent alone for, contract after contract, to earn enough to eat and find accommodation. But Geralt is somewhat different. While witers are known for feel no emotion – which also owes them to be particularly hated by the rest of the population – the Butcher of Blaviken as he is nicknamed can not help but express a certain empathy towards his neighbor.

the witcher season 2 teaser

It is probably this peculiarity that prompts him to seek Ciri. In fact, in 1231, Geralt learned that her fate is linked to a mysterious little girl. It wasn’t until years later that he met Duny who, after being saved by the White Wolf, married Princess Pavetta. But Geralt remains a witcher, and any contract deserves payment. The latter then invokes the right of surprise on the child to come from this marriage.

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Why is Ciri so important?

Ciri is therefore the daughter of Duny and Pavetta. Princess of Cintra, one of the four northern kingdoms that make up the Continent, she is called to take over the throne from her grandmother Calanthe. But in 1263, his fate was turned upside down by the Emperor of Nilfgaard, located in the South, who declared war on the Northern Kingdoms. In one night, Cintra finds himself completely wiped out. Before dying, Calanthe summons his granddaughter to find Geralt de Riv, the one for whom she is the Surprised Child. Captured by the Knight Cahir, she manages to escape using the powers inherited from her mother.

the witcher season 2 teaser

Then follows a perilous chase, because everyone wants to get their hands on little Cirilla. On the one hand, Nilfgaard wants to prevent the princess from returning to the throne of Cintra and thus repel the invader. On the other hand, the Four Kingdoms want to make her a puppet capable of responding to their every wish. In the midst of all this, Geralt searches for the Child who was promised to him to make it. a powerful witcher. All this, without counting on the mysterious Wild Hunt, barely mentioned in season 1, which also has every interest in silencing the princess …

Who are the other important characters in The Witcher?

During his adventures, Geralt will meet two key characters. To start with Dandelion, a whimsical minstrel lacking inspiration, who befriends the witcher and decides to follow him to regain the desire to sing. Despite his awkwardness and overwhelming urge to show off, Dandelion is surprisingly helpful in getting Geralt out of compromising situations on numerous occasions.

Yennefer, meanwhile, is a witch with a dire fate. Although his elven origins give him unparalleled power, his misshapen appearance prompts those around him to exclude him from birth. She is then taken in by powerful witches and joins the academy of Aretuza, where she learns to master her immense power. She comes out transformed, especially physically, then ends up meeting Geralt. During their adventures together, the two find themselves bound by a jinn, forcing them to to love each other for eternity against their will.

Season 1 ends with, on the one hand, a clash against Nilfgaard which allows to see the real extent of Yennefer’s powers and, on the other, with the reunion between Geralt and Ciri. While these first episodes served more or less to set the scene, the latter mark the beginning of a relationship that will push the two characters to fight the darkest forces of the Continent.

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