here is Tim Burton’s The Addams Family (it’s promising!)

It’s time for the family reunion for the Addams, who signs their big return to Netflix and in front of Tim Burton’s camera

In recent years, Tim Burton has been rather discreet on the big screen. The last time the director appeared in the credits of a production, it was under the direction of Disney when he offered a re-reading of Dumbo. A rather confusing project for the amateur of dark and strange productions. Let the fans be reassured, the director returns to his first love. It will explore the destiny of an iconic character from the small and the big screen.

Almost sixty years after the end of David Levy’s series and more than twenty years after Barry Sonnenfield’s film, The Addams Family resumes service on Netflix. This time, Wednesday will be at the heart of the story. Tim Burton’s camera will capture his arrival at Nevermore Academy. As she tries to adapt to this new environment, with the other students, she investigates a series of murders that terrorizes the city.

She can count on her family to support her in this ordeal, starting with her mother Morticia Addams who this time will be played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Luis Guzman will also be on the trip and will camp Father Gomez Addams. We should also cross paths with Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci. The one who played Wednesday in the film released in 1991 is announced to the casting, but we do not yet know what her role will be.

In any case, she will pass the baton to Jenna Ortega. Appeared in You, the young actress signs here her first major performance. She will have the difficult task of paying homage to the macabre young girl who is very popular with the public. Let’s hope that she will have the opportunity to demonstrate her talent thanks to the screenplay written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The two screenwriters have worked on, among other things, Smallville.

Netflix does not go hand in hand

It is this Wednesday that Wednesday Addams is revealed in a first trailer. It is well done. For Netflix subscribers, this is an opportunity to discover what the series has in store for us, which promises to be the event of the fall. The least we can say is that the platform does not go hand in hand. Enraged piranhas, hemoglobin and pyrotechnic show, those who feared to see the comic book universe watered down can be reassured.

However, we will wait for the release of the first season to be completely happy. In any case, we will follow this with great attention. The release date of Wednesday Addams has not yet been announced, but Netflix specifies that it will be possible to discover it during the next fall. We can easily imagine this new production finding a place of choice among the other seasonal productions. After all, what better time of year than Halloween to delve into Tim Burton’s whimsical imagination?

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