Image promotionnelle de la première saison free to play "gratuit pour tous" de Fall Guys

here is what free-to-play has in store for you today!

Thanks to Epic Games, Fall Guys finally goes free-to-play and becomes playable on all platforms for even more fun.

Probably the most anticipated free-to-play of this year, Fall Guys lands today on Nintendo Switch, and Xbox to join PlayStation and PC gamers in a new completely free version. Real overhaul of the game, Epic Games has teamed up with Mediatonic to bring their expertise in terms of the economic model for battle royale.

This major update of the game promises to drastically change the habits of players. So, whether you are veterans or newcomers, the release with great fanfare of Fall Guys in this new format is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what awaits you. On your marks ? Ready? Fall!

Back to square one

With the shift to this new business model, Epic Games made the wise decision to start the game from scratch. After season 6 which has just come to an end, the title starts on new bases and then launches a new season considered as the first of this new version of the game.

A new in-game currency is coming, and the battle pass is paying. But concretely, what changes? The kudos that we win after each game are still present, but the hard-earned crowns in case of royal victory have been replaced. If you have any left in stock, these are converted into kudos when you first log in to allow you to make purchases in the kudos item shop.

However, now that the crowns no longer exist, it is a paid currency that comes to replace them to consolidate the free-to-play format of the game. A bit like V-Bucks, the brand new ones”issuedunder” allow you to buy exclusive skins in a dedicated shop. It is possible to obtain this currency via microtransactions or battle pass tiers. Whether you want to spend real money or not, you will then still be able to buy yourself outfits with the base currency, although these are less flamboyant than the skins costing you emissou.

New release, new show!

Inevitably, this fanfare launch is accompanied by fresh content to spice up your future games. New challenges and new obstacles await you and will give us a hard time. Hex-A-Ring brings a new twist to the classic Hex-A-Gone test where the ground disappears under our feet by merging it with a spinning cylinder test. Players’ dexterity will also be put to the test in VolleyFALL, a simple mini-game adapting volleyball to the format of Fall Guys. Finally, Speedcircuit will bring some racing gameplay to renew the battle royale mini-games.

Explosive balls, jump ropes and bouncy floors will also await you in the different courses of this fresh season. Fall Guys tries to reinvent itself to attract a new audience while pleasing long-time players. Epic Games and Mediatonic also promise everything a package of surprises to punctuate this first season significant in the history of the game.

And what about the players of the first hour?

Obviously, the developers could not leave the players who paid for the game without a few gifts to pass the pill of the transition to free-to-play. If this is your case, when you first connect, the game will offer you the Legacy Pack giving you access to exclusive skins as well as the pass for this first season.

Promotional image of the Fall Guys Legacy Pack given to owners of the original game.
© Mediatonic / Epic Games

Another big surprise Fall Guys finally offer cross-progression thanks to the services of Epic. Thus, during your first login, you will be asked to link an Epic Games account in order to be able to save your progress and access it on all platforms. We have already tested access to our PC account from a Switch, and the transition is done instantly.

Thanks to this new update, Fall Guys good days ahead of him and will come to impose himself alongside Fortnite in Epic’s ever-growing catalog.

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