here is what will change for subscribers

Crunchyroll has announced its break with the French DNA platform. Concretely, what does it change?

Nine years after the creation of ADN, the SVOD platform leaves the road of Crunchyroll. It was via a simple tweet posted on the official account of the anime giant that the information fell. The financial terms of this agreement have not been disclosed, but full ownership of ADN now belongs to Média-Participations. ADN should now establish itself independently, while Crunchyroll is now the leading anime broadcaster in France.

The decision is unexpected on the part of Crunchyroll, but it is in line with the continuity of actions undertaken by the brand since a few months. Now attached to Wakanim and Funimation, the platform also confirmed in June 2022 the merger with the Kazé brand, which will soon also come under the aegis of Crunchyroll.

What will change?

On Twitter, ADN confirmed its desire to become an independent Japanese anime streamer, announcing that the catalog would now feature “a wider range of Japanese anime, animation for teens and adults as well as original French productions”.

As for Crunchyroll, the Japanese animation giant confirms its dominant position on the French market with more than 2,000 titles in its catalog. The brand’s recent acquisitions have allowed a number of anime to join the platform, starting with Jujutsu Kaisen, Fruits Basket, My Hero Academia or the phenomenon tokyo revenge.

The separation of Crunchyroll and ADN should therefore make it possible to create more direct but also healthier competition between the different services. While the three big names in animation have until now been intrinsically linked, Wakanim will gradually fade away to join Crunchyroll, and ADN will on the contrary become independent. For those who are still hesitating, now is the time to subscribe to one of the premium offers offered by the service, for subscriptions from €3.49 per month.

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