here’s how to get back to the old interface

Following the rollout of Gmail’s new design, many users expressed disappointment. Indeed, many would like to be able to return to the old version of the application. Good news: it’s completely possible and, moreover, terribly simple. We explain to you how to go about it.

gmail new design

About two months ago, Google completely redesigned Gmail. To tell the truth, it was only a matter of time before Material You settled into the mail client, after successive arrivals in many other applications from the Mountain View firm. But, just as predictable as it was, this update isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste.

It may indeed be that you feel lost on this new interface, or quite simply that its design is not to your liking. It is also possible that this new sidebar, displaying the different applications of the Workspace suite, bothers you. For all these problems, we have a solution. Fortunately, it is possible to find the previous design of Gmail, and this in a very simple way.

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How to Revert to the Old Gmail Design

Indeed, it will only take you a few clicks to go back in time. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Open your box gmail
  • Click on the gear wheel at the top right of the screen to open the Settings
  • You will then see the following sentence: “You are using the new Gmail view”
  • Click on the option below, Return to original view
gmail tutorial old design
  • A window then opens and asks you why you want to return to the old interface. You can ignore it and just click Refresh.

Your browser will then refresh the page. Once it’s finished loading, you’ll be back to your beloved old Gmail interface. Note that if however the nostalgia passes you, you can at any time decide to adopt the new Material You design. All you have to do is proceed in the same way. Did this tutorial help you? Do not hesitate to tell us in comments!

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