Meta casque VR pixellisé

Here’s the first (pixelated) image of Meta’s upcoming VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg yesterday presented a first image of his new VR headset, called Project Cambria.

Meta (former Facebook) has a new top secret project. On Thursday morning, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a video of the company’s next VR headset on the official Meta Quest Twitter account. Long awaited by virtual reality enthusiasts, Project Cambria has finally unveiled itself, while taking care to still keep a little suspense.

Meta pulls the rug out from under Google

Lasting just under a minute, the Project Cambria presentation features Mark Zuckerberg in full test of his new VR headset. We discover some of the possibilities offered by the machine, in particular on the question of mixed reality so dear to the boss of Meta. On the other hand, to find out what the helmet looks like, you will have to go back. Throughout the video, the firm took care to pixelate the device. We only know that it will be offered in black, and that it will work a priori wirelessly, to allow greater freedom of movement.

The timing chosen by Meta is probably not innocent, since it comes less than 24 hours after Google also decided to present a first look at its AR glasses, still in development. An ultimately logical situation: VR headsets have long been presented as the entertainment of the future, but for several months now, the efforts of GAFAM seem to be focusing more on mixed reality, thought of as a mixture of augmented and virtual reality, with which the user can interact.

To illustrate the possibilities offered by his new Meta Quest, Mark Zuckeberg did not hesitate to walk the talk, presenting a demo of the game. The World Beyondin which he was able to come into (virtual) contact with an augmented reality creature positioned in a real environment.

A not-so-secret secret project

Meta wants to keep a little more suspense on its new VR headset. However, the Cambria project is no longer really a state secret. Several images of the device have already leaked, and it is only a matter of weeks before its technical sheet is also released on social networks. Appointment “later in the year” to officially discover the new helmet of Meta.

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