Here’s why some games aren’t compatible with the Steam Deck

Since the confirmation of the launch of the handheld console from Valve Corporation, questions have arisen from all sides regarding the compatibility of games from Steam’s monstrous library. PC gaming enthusiasts planning to adopt the Steam Deck wonder why some of their favorite games aren’t compatible.

Of nearly 86 games tested by its services, more than half of the games have a problem preventing them from being marked as verified on the Steam store and remember that they are classified by category.

Categorization of games on SteamDB: what to remember?

As previously announced, Steam categorizes games into four main categories: verified games, playable, unsupported, and games with unknown status. Being in its infancy, the statuses of the various games will naturally change with the various updates.

In the category of verified games, we find those that work perfectly with the console and all its commands. This class currently contains nearly 42 games, including:

  • Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin;
  • Death Stranding;
  • Final Fantasy;
  • Ghostrunner;
  • Mad Max;

The category of playable games concerns games that run on the console, but require configuration before being played. These include games that require data entry on the console’s touch screen or have problems related to the size of the text on the screen.

In addition to these common issues, some games require an active internet connection, have cross-platform save issues, or may not respond to the console controller. There are about 36 games and classics like:

  • Battlefield 1, 4, and V;
  • Farming Simulator 19;
  • Need for Speed ​​Heat;
  • Star Wars Battlefront II, The Old Republic;
  • Tomb Raider ;

The unsupported category is for games not supported by the console. These games are mostly those that use Virtual Reality (VR) and those that use a problematic codec. The indeterminate category lists games whose compatibility check has not yet been carried out.

Incompatibility of certain games with the Steam Deck: what is the origin?

The wish of any owner of the Steam Deck would be that all the games in the library can run on his console without worries, but this will not be possible, in any case, not immediately.

The first problem of incompatibility of certain games with the console comes from the fact that some of them are not compatible with anti-cheat software. The Steam Deck runs on Steam OS, an operating system that’s based on Linux, and most anti-cheat software works on Windows.

Some developers of this software have nevertheless assured that their recent versions will be compatible with Linux and Mac, which should make many titles playable without problems. Also, the Proton software developed by Valve gives the ability to Windows-compatible software to run on Linux and its latest version under development should allow almost all games in the library to run on the console.

In the Steam Deck FAQ it is mentioned that the console is basically a PC, which implies that it should therefore be possible to change the operating system. Only the days to come will really be able to enlighten users on this question.

Source: Ars Technica

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