Here’s why you absolutely must change your mobile plan this weekend

The weekend is the perfect time to take care of yourself. And maybe also to make huge savings and change mobile operator. We take stock of the best packages of the moment. Hurry up to enjoy!

No, changing your mobile plan is no longer complicated. It’s a received idea, leftover from a time when it was, indeed, more complex. But that’s a thing of the past, and today you can switch carriers with the snap of a finger and a few clicks. In ten minutes, it’s over. If you wait for the best deals, you can make great savings over the year.

This weekend is conducive to changing plans since several operators are stepping up their efforts to lower the prices of their offers. RED by SFR, Prixtel or B&You, everyone is on deck to help you save money. However, these low prices are ephemeral, ending at the beginning of the week. If you hope to benefit from it, you will have to be quick. We’ve rounded up the best mobile offers of the moment… All you have to do is choose the one that catches your eye.

Before starting, we remind you that all the packages we offer in this article are without engagement. You have the freedom and, above all, the possibility of terminating your contract whenever you wish. It’s up to you ! You can also keep your current phone number free by retrieving your RIO number at 3179 and communicating it to your new operator when you subscribe.

RED by SFR, the safe bet

Renowned for several years, it is no longer necessary to present RED by SFR today. The brand owned by SFR offers a range of offers without long-term commitment at low prices. Its unique subscription has been over for a while, leaving you the choice between various formulas. Right now they are all discounted.

Among all these offers, the 80 GB mobile plan is the most interesting with a generous mobile data envelope and a contained price. For 14 euros per month, you are entitled to 80 GB of mobile data in France, 20 GB of which can be used in Europe and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. With so many gigs, you don’t have to limit your consumption and you can browse social networks or watch your series without fear of running out. The majority of users should be satisfied.

However, if in doubt, you can turn to the RED by SFR 200 GB package at 19 euros per month. It includes 200 GB of mobile data in France, of which 20 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are always unlimited. This subscription is ideal for users who take advantage of tethering intensively or who often download heavy videos.

Tighter budget? Or simply don’t want to spend too much on a package? The RED by SFR 5 GB mobile plan at 5 euros per month is made for you. You benefit from 5 GB of internet in France, including 6 GB abroad, and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

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Prixtel, the king of flexibility

Faced with ruthless competition, Prixtel relies on the flexibility of its packages, in addition to low prices. By relying on the SFR networks for excellent network coverage, the MVNO offers three offers that operate in stages. But right now it offers a special subscription, the penta.

Each month, your bill may vary depending on the mobile data you have used. From 0 to 50 GB, the price is 6.99 euros per month. From 50 to 90 GB, you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month. If you exceed 90 GB, up to 130 GB, the package costs you 12.99 euros per month. The price is therefore based on your actual consumption, which is really pleasant. Also, this flat rate does not increase even after the first year. It is very advantageous, especially compared to the other formulas of the MVNO.

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B&You, the efficient choice

This weekend, B&You is working hard with exceptional offers. Of all, its 80 GB package displayed at 11.99 euros per month has the best gigs / price ratio. For this price, you are entitled to 80 GB of internet, 20 GB of which can be used from the EU and the overseas departments, and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

The greediest are not left out with the B&You 120 GB package at 14.99 euros per month. As for people who are less connected, the 5 GB package at 4.99 euros per month should be suitable.

For many years, Bouygues Telecom has been in second place in the ranking of the best networks by ARCEP, an authority that takes into account network speed, quality and coverage.

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