Hideo Kojima (Death Stranding) is working on a game for the PlayStation VR 2

Attention, hot rumor! According to sources close to the “file”, Hideo Kojima, to whom we owe the legendary Metal Gear Solid saga and the awesome Death Stranding, would be working on a game for the PlayStation VR 2! The game designer’s studio would have received a dev kit from Sony’s VR headset. That’s not all since Kojima would work on this title in collaboration with Celine Tricarta director of already award-winning VR productions (an indication that we would be closer to a narrative experience than a big game?)

Developing a game for the PSVR 2 wouldn’t come as much of a surprise from Kojima. The latter would still be very close to the Sony platform (despite its supposed rapprochements with Xbox in recent months) and had already confessed a real interest in VR… while considering that the technology was not yet mature. Would PSVR2 have changed the situation? Sony’s headset looks like a great evolution of the first model (OLED display at 2.5k per eye, FoV of 110°, a single wire attached to the PS5 and haptic feedback, on the controllers but also on helmet).

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