Historically, the climate would be the main factor in the diet

At a time when the climate remains a major issue, it is a study that can lead to new responsibilities. Anthropologists from UTAH University in the United States have revealed that Human eating behaviors are mainly influenced by the climate. They were particularly interested in the habits of the peoples of the Andes over the period between 400 and 7000 years.

To reach this conclusion, the scientists analyzed several factors such as climatic and demographic conditions on diets. They also studied their different influences on the food supply within the Inca Empire at a time of socio-political concentration.

The publication of this study should encourage the various actors in relation to the climate to think more seriously about concrete and relevant actions in favor of improving the climate.

A projection on the well-being and health of future generations

Contrary to some conceptions, demographics do not fundamentally determine the eating habits of a population, according to the study’s results. The different modifications climatic conditions influence the availability of products and directly impact the way of life.

In addition, the researchers managed to understand that the populations at low, medium and altitude did not have the same food resources and carried out different activities. The climatic fluctuation would be at the origin of this disparity between the populations.

Learning from the past to build a better future

This study comes at a time when the world is experiencing dramatic climatic shocks. Its essence is to raise awareness for the search for best solutions for the future and warn of potential dangers.

“What people eat, and how they get it, is an important part of a person’s daily experience. Understanding what caused changes in these behaviors in the past is important for understanding how we can respond to changes in the future. »

Kurt Wilson, lead author and doctoral researcher at the University of Utah

To confirm their thesis, the researchers will still have to carry out the study on other populations to analyze the evolution of the diet of populations in the history of the world. But the work carried out by the team of researchers from the University of Utah pave the way for awareness on climate issues for future generations.


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