HomePod mini takes color and Apple Music breaks prices

Apple unveils a new discounted offer for Apple Music as well as new colors for the HomePod mini.

As a preamble to its keynote of October 18, 2021, Apple presented some crisp new features for music lovers, in addition to its AirPods 3: new HomePod Mini and a new offering for Apple Music.

When it comes to the HomePod Mini, don’t expect a revolution. The small connected speaker from Apple simply offers three new colors, orange, yellow and blue. These come in addition to the traditional black and white colors. Small detail as Apple is used to: the color of the power cord of these new HomePod Mini obviously matches the colors of the speaker. The price does not change, and remains at € 99 each.

Another interesting novelty on the Apple Music side: a new offer at only $ 4.99 / month, which will probably be billed at € 4.99 / month in our regions! the “Voice plan” will allow you to access the entire catalog of Apple Music at a low price, but without the ability to access lyrics, music videos, spatial audio and Lossless.

At this price, it’s clearly a bargain for those who don’t use these features. This subscription arrives this fall in 17 countries around the world, including France.

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