Honda wants to participate in the maintenance of our roads

Honda wants to participate in the maintenance of our roads

Honda will implement an intelligent recognition system on its cars. It must improve the quality of the roads.

Road maintenance has always been a topical issue. Often criticized, maintenance services today are unable to keep up with the evolution of the roads and to know which ones require the most attention. In order to help them in this task, the Japanese automaker Honda may have found a solution.

The company has just launched a new program to help local highway services more closely monitor the condition of the roads they are responsible for. This road monitoring system will be integrated directly into Honda test cars. The brand explains that it will use the cameras and GPS navigation systems already present in today’s cars.

They will thus be able to monitor the state of the roads in real time and notify the competent services so that they can act as quickly as possible. The on-board system will evaluate each section of lane marker and assign them a color. If the system declares that the lane markers are green or yellow, then they are in good or very good condition.

An important innovation for the cars of tomorrow

If, on the contrary, the markers are detected as red, it means that they are in bad condition and require repairs. In the event of a gray return, this means that there is no marker present on the route. This is particularly the case in city streets or small rural roads. According to the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, Jack Marchbanks said in a statement that this verification process is very labor-intensive.

In addition to being very useful today in order to demarcate lanes and make the roads as safe as possible, this system will also be very important tomorrow with smart cars. Tesla’s autopilot system already demands a certain rigor from road maintenance departments. Autonomous cars indeed need high-quality road markings in order to best follow their trajectory. A pavement failure could trigger a chain reaction, causing loss of vehicle control. Which in the most serious cases can lead to accidents, some of which have already been fatal.

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