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Honor is still struggling to emancipate itself from Huawei

Despite gaining independence last year, Honor still has some way to go before fully emancipating itself from its former owner.

Will Honor one day completely emancipate itself from its former owner Huawei? Since its launch in 2013, the Chinese brand has long positioned itself as an entry-level alternative to the Chinese giant. But since the trade and political war between Donald Trump and Huawei in recent years, the situation has changed somewhat. Now independent of its former parent company, the subsidiary has thus escaped the ban on Google services, while benefiting from the technological advances made by Huawei.

Huawei sells Honor … but its DNA remains

During the sale of Honor in 2020, the former subsidiary of Huawei had officially lost access to more than 100,000 patents owned by the brand. In 2021, the firm was also no longer able to exploit the 20 billion dollars committed by Huawei for its Research and Development. However, Honor continued to grow. Since its acquisition by Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology, the company has been able to grow while continuing to take advantage of Google Mobile Services in the West. In China, where GAFAM is not yet accessible, Honor even reached third place in the smartphone sales market in August 2021, with an increase of 18% compared to the previous month.

However, this commercial growth is still struggling to emancipate itself completely from Huawei. You only have to see the glaring similarities between the latest smartphones from the two manufacturers – the Huawei Nova 9 and the Honor 50 – to notice it: relieved of its former parent company, Honor still has a strong Huawei DNA. To the point that some of its products are similar to almost identical copies of those offered by Huawei, without however managing to go beyond the entry-level stage.

For Honor, the challenge of this independence will therefore be to perpetuate its brand image in the coming months, in order to retain customers who love entry-level smartphones at contained prices.

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