Honor presents its new smartphone models, the 60 and 60 Pro

Honor presents its new smartphone models, the 60 and 60 Pro

The Honor 60 and 60 Pro will be released in China soon, before a hypothetical arrival in Europe.

Honor, which has been sailing under its own flag since seceding from Huawei earlier this year, is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing smartphone brands. On the Chinese network Weibo, the brand is currently presenting its two new models, the Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro. If you are comfortable with Mandarin or able to satisfy yourself with infographics, you can follow the lecture here.

Let’s start with the (many) common points. As expected after yesterday’s leaks, both devices will be entitled to 1080 x 2340 screens capable of outputting 120 frames per second. Both versions will also have the same RAM options (8GB or 12GB). Both devices will also be entitled to the same 4800 mAh battery as well as fast charging at 66W; according to the manufacturer, they can therefore be recharged to 50% in about fifteen minutes.

The first differences, ultimately quite discreet, are to be found on the screen side. The basic version of the Honor 60 will thus be entitled to a 6.67-inch panel. A diagonal very slightly smaller than that of the Pro version, which reaches 6.78 inches. There is also a slight difference in the curvatures of the edges of the screen. The Honor 60 will have to be content with 81 ° curvatures to the left and right of the screen. A bit like we found on the old Samsung Edge smartphones. The Honor 60 Pro, it will be entitled to two additional curves of 52 ° at the base and at the top of the screen.

The Honor 60 Pro, not that different from the basic version

The other difference, invisible at first glance, is hidden on the side of the SoC. The Honor 60 will carry an honest Snapdragon 778G; it will therefore be slightly outclassed by the Honor 60 Pro, which will be equipped with a Snapdragon 778G Plus. The biggest difference is certainly at the level of the photo block. Both will be entitled to three sensors: the main sensor will be supported by an ultra-wide angle and a macro. It is the ultra-wide angle which makes it possible to decide between them on this ground; this sensor barely reaches 8 Mpx on the Honor 60, against 50 Mpx on the Pro version.

The last difference is in storage. The Pro will ship with 256 GB automatically, while buyers of the basic edition will have the choice between two versions at 128 and 256 GB.

The Honor 60 should cost between € 375 (8GB – 128 GB) and € 460 (12 GB – 256GB) depending on the version. The Honor 60 Pro, it should be marketed between 510 € (8GB – 256 GB) and 550 € (12GB – 256 GB). The release is scheduled for December 10 in China; it will then be necessary to be on the lookout to know the possible release date in Europe. At this time, there is still no certainty that these two products will reach our market.

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