Horizon Forbidden West: first gameplay videos of the PS4 Pro version

Horizon Forbidden West went gold (the game is basically over)! And to celebrate this achievement, the Guerrilla studio is giving us a little surprise by publishing the first three gameplay videos of the PS4 Pro version of the game! The first ones screenshots of the PS4 version were already spectacular, but the videos of gameplay of this PS4 Pro version really make our eyes widen. Not that we haven’t seen anything more technically stunning on consoles and PC in the past year (the Matrix demo and Hellblade 2 gameplay video have been there), but such a level of rendering on a 2 tflops (4 tflops for the PS4 Pro) is still surreal (and it also shows the enormous evolution of modern graphics engines, which are always optimizing rendering).

In short, Horizon Forbidden West promises to be a big big slap on PS4, perhaps even more than on PS5 in proportion to the power available from the console, although of course the PS5 version will necessarily have some additional levels of detail and greater display fluidity. Finally, we note that several media have had the opportunity to play in the first hours of the title and that the returns are frankly enthusiastic. The Guerrilla studio would thus have corrected the vast majority of the “defects” of the first Horizon, in particular the absence of verticality and a open-world ultimately limited in interactions past the hunt for biomechanical critters. Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PS4 and PS5 on February 18.

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