Horizon Forbidden West: the new trailer presents the story and reveals the allies of Aloy

Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PS4/PS5 on July 18. The last trailer of the next blockbuster of Guerilla Games didn’t really come out on the right date since the media’s attention was largely monopolized by the announcement of the acquisition of Activision by Sony. It’s almost a shame to tell the truth as this new trailer shows us a lot, enough in any case to raise the hype.

We thus learn a little more about the narrative thread of Aloy’s new adventures, the red-haired warrior being confronted this time with a terrible enemy clan led by a seemingly ruthless leader (Regalla). Another threat seems to hang over the new world of Horizon, a threat even more terrible than a rebel clan… This trailer also allows us to see some of Aloy’s new allies (Zo, Alva and Kotallo), who should be much less alone to face multiple perils.

We finally note the extreme technical quality of this opus, which seems to sink everything on the previous gen (except probably God of War, and again) and which should land there on the current generation (the underwater passages are really of all beauty). Roll on February 18!

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