Horizon Forbidden West will allow players to plant trees IRL

Due for release in just a few hours on PS4 and PS5, Horizon Forbidden West will allow gamers to plant trees in real life.

With a release scheduled for tomorrow Friday, February 18, Horizon Forbidden West is already establishing itself as one of the most promising games of the year. For her return to console after almost five years of absence, Aloy will once again have to face her destiny, and save what remains of a humanity in decline. A barely masked satire of our own society, which obviously gave some ideas to Sony France. By playing the Guerilla blockbuster, players will also be able to, participate in the survival of the Forest of Aloy.

One tree for every five trophies

Located in the Vosges (Grand-Est region), this forest will depend not only on the involvement of the players, but also on their talent. After unlocking the trophy Cowards Reached between February 18 and 28, 2022, everyone can take part in Aloy’s ecological odyssey, both in-game and in real life. Every five trophies obtained, a tree will be planted IRL, provided you share your progress on Twitter via the hashtag #LaForêtdAloy.

Built with the collaboration of Play4Forests, this initiative aims today to “to raise awareness of the importance of forests for our environment and our health”. The result of a joint effort between the video game industry and the United Nations Environment Programme, the project is also accompanied by a petition aimed at challenging world leaders on the importance of environmental protection.

Remember that in addition to being an excellent game, Horizon Zero Dawn immersed us in a dystopian civilization on the decline, in a world where machines have taken precedence over humans, and where the latter have had no choice but to return to a primitive way of life. With a narration set only a few months after Aloy’s first adventures, Forbidden West should once again question our relationship to nature, and to new technologies. You can also consult our Horizon Forbidden West test right here.

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