Horror film Without a Noise to be adapted into a video game

Horror movies Without a noise and Without a noise 2, who have largely renewed the genre with their ruthless aliens sensitive to the slightest noise, will be entitled to a video game adaptation. The publisher Saber Interactive has indeed just confirmed that a solo and narrative game were in development at iLLOGIKA (Rainbow Six, Far Cry) and EP1T0ME studios. If the universe of the film will serve well as background in the game, the story will be completely original while the gameplay will attempt “To capture the breathless suspense, the emotion and the sense of the drama for which the films are known”.

Without A Noise 2 600x337

Emily blunt, as usual perfect in the horror film Without a Noise

The site of this adaptation is already in place, but we will not glean any information (not even the supported platforms) except a wave 2022 as the year of release. Let us recall here that Sans un Noise, the film, tells the story of the survival of a small group of individuals confronted with a devastating alien raceā€¦ and sensitive to noise. The survivors must therefore move without emitting any sound at the risk of ending up in the mouths of the monsters.

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