House of the Dragon smashes its previous audience record

The series has just broken a new audience record. How many viewers saw the third episode?

The series derived from Game Of Thrones manages to impose itself on fans of medieval epics, the first three episodes seem to have generally convinced the most reluctant spectators. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series worn by Milly Alcock and Matt Smith has accumulated no less than 85% positive reviews, both from the public and the press. It must be said that all the ingredients of the recipe Game Of Thrones are there, politics and fantasy with a cast of characters as exciting as they are disconcerting.

The first episode had also been a great success for HBO, becoming the best launch in its history. It must be said that the aura Game Of Thrones there is a lot to do with it, many were the curious to want to discover House of the Dragon and how the latter would explore Westeros and the Targaryen bloodline.

But to really strike a blow in the panorama of television series, House of the Dragon must prevail over time. That’s good, episode 3 has just shattered its previous audience record. According to the combined figures of the firm and those of Nielsen (American television observer), more than 16 million households watched episode 3 of House of the Dragon over the past few days. While Labor Day delayed viewing for many viewers somewhat, the episode dubbed Aegon the Second was widely watched live.

HBO, on the other hand, does not share the results on its platform, we imagine that they are quite similar. OCS also does information retention in France and has not shared its audiences. The series is nevertheless mentioned many times on social networks.

A well-invested budget

HBO has not skimped on the means to develop its new series. The chain spent no less than 200 million dollars for the production of this first season. It’s much more than Game Of Thronesbut still less than The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power which paid close to 500 million for its first season.

The two licenses also clash at the beginning of September, Amazon and HBO are ready to do anything to impose their productions as the best series of the moment. The House of Game Of Thrones does not deny herself anything, she has just made the first episode of House of the Dragon. The purpose of the maneuver: to seduce people who have not yet watched the series.

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