how and when to follow Musk’s presentation of the Starship?

Elon Musk will officially present the Starship overnight from Thursday to Friday. A long-awaited announcement for this colossus which should one day reach the Moon and Mars.

On February 10, 2022, Elon Musk will address the public in an extremely anticipated speech, and for good reason: he should finally officially present the Starship, this famous new generation space vehicle on which SpaceX has been working for years.

If the whole aerospace sector is quivering with impatience, it’s because this ship promises to propel the discipline to heights never before reached. It is he who, in SpaceX’s plans, will play a central role in the Artemis mission which will sign the return of the Americans to the Moon. Eventually, it should also participate in the conquest of Mars, as well as many routine operations in a sector in full revolution.

We already know that the presentation will include a complete Starship, and mounted on the famous Super Heavy launcher. It is precisely this building approaching 120 meters in height which should finally offer itself a baptism of orbit next March, after countless postponements. But for the rest, the mystery remains. Observers are therefore eager to hear what the sulphurous founder of the firm has in store for them.

The Starship, the key to the future of SpaceX

And for good reason: it has been more than two years since the CEO organized any official presentation of an element related to the Starship. A silence that many have interpreted as an attempt to forget his sensationalist hyperbole, in the context of an industrial nightmare based on recalcitrant engines.

Indeed, if the Starship and especially its launcher have fallen so far behind, it is largely because of the difficulties associated with the Raptor. This engine capable of developing 1800 kN of thrust continues to give engineers headaches, even though it is absolutely essential to all of SpaceX’s plans. Last I heard, the delay was even getting so big that Musk worried about its consequences in a pretty harsh internal letter that included the words “bankruptcy” and “disaster.”

Where and when to follow the event?

Unfortunately, these high-stakes announcements will take place at 9 p.m. in Texas. Those who wish to attend live will therefore have to stock up on caffeine to hold out until Friday, February 11, at three in the morning. At this time, SpaceX has yet to unveil a live stream channel.

But these are events that have always had their own livestream so far, so it seems unlikely that this one will be an exception. In all likelihood, a video stream will be available directly on the company’s site at this address and on SpaceX’s YouTube channel. A replay should also be available on both sites.

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