How do I access the Xbox Winter Game Fest free demos?

Tomorrow is Xbox Winter Game Fest. Discover here part of its program full of independent games.

The Xbox Winter Game Fest returns this year full of surprises. Microsoft has just unveiled the dates of the event as well as a sketch of the program that awaits players. The festival, which brings together no less than 35 demos of new games this year, will take place from December 7 to 21, or from tomorrow! Everything will be available on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One for all players around the world.

At the moment, only a tiny part of the program has been revealed, the rest should arrive today or tomorrow today. While waiting for the full list of games that will be presented, here are a handful of them that have been confirmed:

  • Loot River
  • Death trash
  • Blacktail
  • The Tale of Bistun
  • Nobody Saves the World

Indie games galore

On our side, we are patiently waiting to discover Loot Rivers and Nobody Saves the World. The first game is a roguelike that takes you through a series of randomly generated mazes where logic takes precedence. The second depicts a colorful universe filled with monsters in which you must cross “ shape-shifting dungeons and triumph over Calamity to save the world! “.

Microsoft nevertheless warns that the demos that will be available during this period are different from what one would expect. The firm explains:

Usually, demos are designed at the end of the development process (or almost) and provide a preview of the final version. Here we are particularly talking about demos of games in development and some will not be released for a long time. “. What you can play will therefore not be the final version of the titles but still drafts under development.

Obviously, this kind of festival is the perfect time to share your feedback with the developers of the games concerned, especially if they are still in production. Microsoft has not yet detailed how to access the free demos on consoles and should get back to players by December 7.

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