How do I put an accent on a capital letter (À, É, È, Ç)?

Knowing how to accentuate upper case letters can be helpful in many ways. Whether in the professional field, or simply for your general knowledge, this little detail can sometimes make the difference. If you don’t yet know how to add an accent to a capital letter, we have given you some tips on how to fix it.

tip how to put accents on capital letters

How to put accents on capital letters? A question that many people ask themselves. Even if this is not mandatory, in the context of your work for example (especially if you work remotely by teleworking), knowing how to do it can quickly become essential. Nothing very complicated either. In the French language, both upper and lower case letters are accented and the same goes for umlaut and cedilla.

If you write “Are you okay?” ”, You have a typographical error (also called a typo) in your sentence right off the bat. The problem would not arise if our keyboards were equipped with these special characters as standard. Alas, this is not the case and you will see it, in certain cases, to show an agility putting a hard test on the fingers of the hand.

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How do I put accents in capital letters?

Several methods exist to put accents in upper case from any software (Excel, Word, etc…). Keyboard shortcuts, essential for people who do not have a numeric keypad on their computer. ASCII codes but also the Windows character table. Regarding umlaut and circumflex on upper case, you can get them using the same key combination as for lower case.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Let’s start with the keyboard shortcuts. This method as we said before is ideal if you have a computer without a numeric keypad. The numbers on your keyboard are therefore placed at the top of your keyboard.

It consists of using two successive keyboard shortcuts. One after the other. A first combination to obtain the desired accent and a second to write the capital letter. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • À (a uppercase accent) = Ctrl + Alt + 7 then Shift + A
  • É (uppercase e with acute accent) = Ctrl + 4 then Shift + E
  • È (capital e with grave accent) = Ctrl + Alt + 7 then Shift + E
  • Ç (c capital cedilla) = Ctrl +, then Shift + C

With ASCII codes

The second method is to use the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This computer coding standard, which appeared in the 1960s, is to this day the influential. Also known by the acronym ASCII, it allows you to put accents in upper case letters. Very easy to use, it requires your keyboard to be equipped with a numeric keypad.

For it to work, you need to press the Alt key, then, without releasing it, enter a combination of numbers. Once done, all you have to do is release the Alt key for the accented capital letter to appear.

  • À (a uppercase accent) = Alt + 0192
  • É (uppercase e with acute accent) = Alt + 0201
  • È (uppercase e with grave accent) = Alt + 0200
  • Ç (c capital cedilla) = Alt + 0199
  • Ù (u capital letter with grave accent) = Alt + 0217

Using the special character table in Windows

Another solution to put accents to your capital letters. A little more tedious than the previous two, it is just as effective. If you have a computer running Windows, Microsoft has thought of integrating a table of special characters. To access it, simply follow the following steps:

  • Open the Windows search tool by pressing the keys simultaneously on Windows key + S.
  • In the search bar, type “character table” or “charmap”.
  • You should then see the “Character Map” application. Click on it.
  • The character table opens in a new window.
  • Select the character of your choice then click on copy to be able to insert it in your text.
    windows character table

We hope that these tips will finally allow you to start your sentences on the right foot. If these methods seem complicated to you, you can always migrate from Windows to a device running MacOS. The integration of accents on capital letters is much simpler: SHIFT + a long press on the letter and the accents appear in a pop-up window. Do you know of any other ways to put upper case accents? If so, feel free to share them in the comments.

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