How do you know if your games are compatible?

A few days before the release of the Steam Deck, Valve distills some information, and a well-practiced tool to test the compatibility of games.

Only a few days left before discovering the Steam Deck, this revolutionary-looking portable PC promised by Steam last year. For the lucky ones who were among the first to reserve the device, delivery should now be soon, Valve confirmed in a press release. Concretely, the company should start sending confirmation emails starting tomorrow, February 25, 2022. Internet users will then have 72 hours to confirm their purchase or cancel it. Note that for the undecided, it will not be possible to modify their order by opting for a different model.

The dock, not for now

First disappointment, however: while the Steam Deck promised to be a hybrid PC capable of being used both in portable mode and on a television, it will be necessary to be patient. The dock supposed to bridge the gap between the machine and a smart TV will not be delivered on time. For its part, Valve is counting on a few months of delay with a marketing in the spring.

The issue of games

Another thorny issue on the side of the players, the compatibility of the games. Remember that unlike a console, the Steam Deck will integrate the entire Steam PC catalog. Some games however, will not be compatible with the device, while others will run but not be optimized. To reassure players, Valve had already delivered an initial list of compatible games. Now, the company does better, by offering users of the platform to directly test their library at this address.

Good news, out of the few hundred titles on our account, the vast majority stamped compatiblewhile a few are only playable (understand that it will be possible to cast them, but they may require “additional steps in their configuration or interaction”). None are listed as unsupported aside from VR games (logic), which is also encouraging news for the sequel.

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