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How do you organize your games into folders?

Nintendo introduces an update that lets you organize your game library. Here’s how to group your games the way you want.

After 5 years of existence, the Nintendo Switch finally offers an important update, which many players have been patiently waiting for. Indeed, with version 14.0.0 of its software, the Nintendo console lets you organize your games on the home screen to better find you there. It must be said that after all these years, you probably have a library full to bursting and it is sometimes difficult to sort, or even to take advantage of all the titles as some are swallowed up by the others.

From now on, you have the possibility of grouping certain games into categories, or folders, according to their genre, or their theme, etc. You are free to organize your home screen as you wish. And if you’re wondering how to do it, here’s how.

How to group your games on Nintendo Switch?

To do this, nothing simpler. After installing version 14.0.0 – you can check the status of updates in the console settings – go to the “all software” tab on the home screen. From there, press the left trigger and then “create group”.

You can then start choosing which games you want to put in your folder, knowing that your games may very well be assigned to several groups. You can then order them, and rename your group. It will then be created and you can find it in the “all software” tab on the home page. Here are some photos to guide you through all these steps:

An expected, but incomplete feature

At this time, you cannot yet view these folders on the home screen itself, your most recently used games will continue to appear one after the other, even if you launch it from a group. However, if you have a lot of games, this can help you see things more clearly in just two clicks once the groups have been created.

In addition, Nintendo could very well deploy this possibility in the weeks to come. After all, it’s a feature that’s already available on PlayStation and Xbox, and even on our smartphones. Also note that each group can contain up to 200 games, and you can create up to a maximum of 100 folders. Suffice to say that you have plenty to do.

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