how does the Galaxy Z Fold 4 stand up to torture?

In a new video, YouTuber JerryRigEverything tests the strength of Samsung’s new folding smartphone. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets away with it.

Samsung plans to sell more folding smartphones than Galaxy S in 2025. An ambitious project for the manufacturer which has just presented its new generation of devices. To find out more, do not hesitate to read our tests of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Among the new features announced, the manufacturer is once again emphasizing the solidity of its smartphones with folding screens. It was enough to tickle the curiosity of JerryRigEverything who has just uploaded a new video.

The youtubeur attacks Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and offers, as usual, a real torture session ; scratches with a cutter, twists, sand, flames with a lighter, anything goes. The brand’s most expensive folding smartphone is having a hard time:

Finally, and like his predecessors, he holds up pretty well through careful design. Samsung uses Corning Victus + glass and Armor aluminum to protect its Z Fold 4. The device benefits from an IPx8 certification which gives it some resistance to water, but not to dust.

The fragility of folding smartphones is still debated

The website The Verge warning, however, about some problems that owners of folding smartphones encounter. On social networks, several messages evoke cracked screens and visible creases, shortly after buying a Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Z Fold 3. For others, the difficulties appear now and this is particularly the case for Zoe Kleinman. On Twitter, the tech writer posted an image of her Galaxy Z Flip 3 with cracked screen. The device then becomes unusable and must be repaired or replaced.

“RIP little Galaxy Flip3. I think we hit our 200,000th fold in less than a year. The top half of the screen is now completely broken”, writes this tech editor at the BBC. Note that it takes more than 540 plus per day to reach the 200,000 mark in a year. On Reddit, other users are facing a similar situation just months after purchasing. Nevertheless, these could be isolated cases in view of the success of its devices.

Moreover, we do not always know the conditions of use of the devices concerned. While some benefited from a free repair, the fragility of folding models remains a major subject. The complicated beginnings of the first Galaxy Fold did not necessarily reassure the solidity of this new format. Since then, the manufacturer has been trying to communicate on the improvements made to the hinge.

For the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it has been refined and Samsung still claims at least 200,000 open and close cycles. As usual, the brand publishes a video to reassure users about the level of resistance of its devices. However, these results are obtained in laboratories and may differ in real conditions.

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