how does the trade-in bonus work?

A new smartphone catches your eye, but you don’t know what to do with your current phone? It is now very easy to resell your device, or even to take advantage of a trade-in bonus. What to make great savings in anticipation of a purchase.

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What a waste to see a smartphone, often bought at a high price when it was released, end its days gathering dust in a drawer. Especially when it still works perfectly. Fortunately, it is quite possible to resell it. Even from home.

Rather than wasting long hours in negotiations on a classifieds site, why not turn to recovery by a specialized service or operator? Not only are you guaranteed to receive the money from the sale, but you can also benefit from a discount on your future smartphone. We tell you everything about how it works.

What to do before taking back your old smartphone?

A phone contains a lot of personal data, so it is better to erase it before giving it a second life. Remember to recover the files that interest you before deleting them. Then, remove your Google account from your Android smartphone by going through the category “accounts» settings. You can also directly restore the factory settings through the settings. Do not panic, in case of forgetting, operators like Bouygues Telecom guarantee the erasure of data.

Before selling your phone, there are also a few things to check:

  • the general condition of the phone (micro scratches on the shell, the screen, the corners, etc.);
  • the proper functioning of the device (screen, camera, speakers, etc.):
  • and finally that the SIM and microSD card drawer is empty.

Where to pick up your smartphone?

The best way to resell an old smartphone is to turn to a company specializing in this kind of service, or a telephone operator. Quite simply because you have the guarantee that it is not a scam as can be the case on private sites. You will be sure to get money back from the sale.

Choosing a specialized company also means knowing that your smartphone will have the second life it deserves. It can be repaired and circulated on the reconditioned market. Otherwise, its components will be recycled, and not released into nature. This is guaranteed by Bouygues Telecom with its partner ReCommerce.

How does the recovery of your old smartphone work?

Many online services now allow you to estimate your smartphone without having to leave home. In the case of Bouygues Telecom, a section is entirely dedicated to it. Just click on “estimate my mobileto start the process, which takes no more than 5 minutes. Start by indicating the model of your smartphone, the brand or the IMEI.

Estimate –  Bouygues

Next, specify the general state of the device. Does it have any scratches? Does it light up correctly? Are all the buttons functional? Once this questionnaire has been completed, you will then see the amount of the trade-in.

S21 –  Bouygues

Once the amount has been validated, you must fill in your personal information, then slip the phone into a postage-paid envelope provided free of charge by ReCommerce. Finally, ReCommerce takes care of inspecting the phone before launching your payment within 48 hours. A Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128 GB in good condition is for example taken back 274 euros.

What is the advantage of taking a new smartphone when taking over the old one?

Nothing forces you to take a new phone to trade in your old device (only if you trade in your old smartphone on the web). However, Bouygues Telecom puts in place many advantages for those who want to fall for a new smartphone.

The most interesting being the recovery bonus. Thus, the operator adds an envelope of 50, 70, 100 or 200 additional euros to the resale price of your old phone if you opt for a Sensation mobile plan with Smartphone Advantage. Bonuses that offer great discounts on eligible models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4, just like the Xiaomi 12.

S21 recovery - Bouygues

In fact, if you trade in an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G to buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, you can lower the price of this foldable phone by 474 euros. Better still: Bouygues Telecom is setting up a free financing solution spread over 12, 24 or 36 months. You do not pay for your new smartphone full pot, but little by little on the sidelines of your subscription.

Can all phones be taken back?

Although trade-in is open to a large number of phones, one condition is still imposed to take advantage of the Trade-In Bonus: your old smartphone must be worth at least 10 euros.

If this is not the case, Bouygues Telecom still invites you to drop off your phone in one of its physical stores. This gesture allows the recycling of your device, in order to reuse its materials for the manufacture of new products. Enough to participate in the recovery of electronic waste.

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