how to activate Flex mode to use them fully

How to use the flex mode, how to activate it on other apps, what does it bring concretely? We will explain everything to you.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Whether you’re in the buying process or you’ve just got your hands on one of the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4, it can be interesting to know how Flex mode works. As a reminder, this is a feature that separates the screen in two when you fold it, in order to best adapt to the specificities of the genre.

It is important to understand that there are two types of applications, those that natively integrate Flex mode and those that can adopt it. The first are usually either Samsung apps or apps that have worked with Samsung to natively integrate the service. Here are some of the affected apps:

  • Camera ;
  • calculator ;
  • calendar (that of Samsung);
  • clock ;
  • Google Duo;
  • gallery;
  • Samsung TV Plus;
  • Youtube.

On the American version of One UI 4.1.1, the interface of Samsung, Samsung Health, Free or Samsung Internet also natively integrate the option. In our model, this is not the case.

How do I enable Flex Mode on other apps?

To allow other applications to access Flex mode, the procedure is the same whether you are using a Flip/Fold 4 or 3.

  • You need to go to Settings > Advanced Features > Labs > Flex Mode Pane.
  • Here you are faced with the list of all your applications, you can press the switch on the right to activate the Flex mode on each of them.

What can be done in Flex mode?

For native apps, it’s often more of a slightly neater presentation in folded mode than additional features. Spotify adds for example a reading bar at the bottom. Only the gallery offers you to swipe frantically with the lower part of the screen.

For all the other apps, you will find the same functionalities in the form of pictograms:

  • Open notifications;
  • take a screenshot;
  • control brightness;
  • control the volume;
  • open a touchpad (exclusive to Flip and Fold 4 for now);
  • playback control on music and SVoD apps.

The addition of touch pad allows you to control the upper part of the screen using a mouse that you move with the lower part. Enough to flex as it should be in the evening.

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