Android : activer le mode développeur

how to activate it and what is it for

Activating developer mode gives access to several features hidden in Android and otherwise inaccessible. The activation process itself is very simple. The possibilities offered by the options for developers are a mandatory step for any advanced Android user. Here’s how to get there.

Android: activate developer mode

On Android smartphones, the famous developer mode is not enabled by default. It must therefore be started manually to have control over very specific parameters. As the name suggests, this mode is aimed primarily at developers and tech-savvy people. And for good reason, by handling it without precaution, neophytes will risk doing damage to their operating system while jeopardizing their personal data.

Developer mode: what is it for?

USB Debugging

Among the options available, we find in particular the USB debugging. It allows an Android phone to communicate with a computer through the Android SDK. Developers will activate it in particular to debug an application. The hacker users will use it for example to root their Android smartphone.

Before its activation, an unequivocal warning message will appear on your screen: “USB debugging is a highly sensitive service intended only for developers. If you activate it, your private information could be disclosed and your property could be in danger ”. You will understand, this mode should not be handled lightly. Here are the potential risks:

USB debugging

Options to streamline and personalize your smartphone

Developer options are also very useful for optimizing the RAM memory of your Android phone as we explain here. In this case, they allow you in particular to deactivate or slow down the animations and the transitions (what to make you gain appreciably in fluidity). Or to have access to running services for force stop applications that require too much RAM.

It is also possible to reduce the number of background processes or to automatically complete an activity as soon as the user closes it. What is more, the developer mode allows in particular to personalize the theme (accent color, fonts, icon shape), add notification bubbles, force windows to switch to landscape mode.

But also to deactivate the lock screen and keep the screen constantly on while charging. Another possibility offered by the developer mode: change GPS location to indicate a false positioning (thanks to the Fake GPS Location application for example).

How to activate developer mode?

Activating developer mode is child’s play:

  • Open the settings then go to the section About phone / About device / My device (depending on the overlays).
  • Identify the line Build number or version number and tap it seven times.

Activate developer mode

  • The options for developers will then be automatically unlocked!

Developer mode

How to access the options for developers?

On Pixels, Honor and Huawei, you’ll find developer mode in Settings> System. On Xiaomi, they will nestle in the section Additional parameters. On the Samsung Galaxy, the section will be accessible directly in the Settings.

Android Developer Options

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